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20 December 2014


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LOL what a beautiful, cute card.
Rach wishing you well

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas
Merry Texas Christmas, You All
Merry Texas Christmas, You All
May your Days be Sunny and Bright
May your heart be Happy and Light
Merry Texas Christmas, You All

Merry Texas Christmas, You All
We have no jingle bells or sleigh
To display on Christmas Day
There’s not much snow down Texas way
But we sure mean it when we say
Merry Texas Christmas, you all …

by Ernest Tubbs


HA!!!!!! OMGoodness this made me burst out laughing, Jaydee!!! I'm just happy I hadn't taken a sip of my hot tea before looking at it or my screen would be in big trouble! :oD

Tamiflu is a very very very good thing. The entire family wound up with flu and now we're all almost better. Well, the girlies are better and B's close. I can't seem to get enough sleep and am sitting here nodding even as I try and type. It's really taken it out of me. :oS

Thank you all for the well wishes! :o)

Be still my heart...that pileated is *incredible*!!!! What a stunning bird!

Off to nap some more...Oy.


P.S. Hi Lou! I hope you've landed at home for a bit!

Jodi McKinney

So cute!


Hi Jaydee!

We are all now looking in on Rach!!!

Rach, hope you are feeling better so you will be able to get everything ready on time.

Jaydee, the picture looks so Xmas with the white background.

Love to you, Lou and all your followers.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Marina . . . . from far Africa


Fun card...I couldn't quite bring myself to get that stamp, though...glad YOU did! But the pileated....OH MY GOSH! Be still my heart! You are so blessed to have them be so close by!

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