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16 June 2015


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Up date on the weather here.
We received the heavy rains early this morning and still raining hard. Looking out my kitchen window I can see our rain gauge and it is over flowing so I know we have gotten at least 5 inches of rain fall so far and no sign of letting up anytime soon.
They predict that we may receive up to 8 inches or more. We sure do have a lot of water standing in the yard. Hope it lets up soon or hubby will never be able to make it to work cause I'm sure by now they have the highway closed out this way.
I think they need to have rain gauges that go higher than 5 inches.


Your cards are so beautiful . . . . great kit!!

What can I say about the pictures? . . . . Just . . . great!!

Thanks Jaydee.

Marina . . . from far Africa

Doris D.

You certainly were productive with your kits. Love the bright and cheery cards. The second one is my favorite.
Your nature photos are magnificent. We have doves under our bird feeder all the time looking for dropped seeds. So sweet.
It has been in the high 90's this week but going to be 100 this weekend here in VA. I'm staying indoors and stamping!!

Sandy M

Wow, you were so productive last night Jaydee! I don't think I've ever made four cards in one sitting. Love them all, but I think the first one is my favorite. Love your stenciled background and use of negative space. So striking.

Ann Ricks

I have that kit, so thank you for the inspiration. Also, thank you for sharing your backyard nature adventures. I love hearing about (and seeing) the fun things going on. I love nature. Being in it restores my soul. I enjoy living in it through you! (Listening to mourning doves as we speak!)

Kelly W.

Jaydee, your cards are beautiful! Great goal to use up supplies and I love the outcome! The first two cards really are outstanding. Maybe it's all the yellow in the first and the rays of light in the second, but I adore them. Beautiful pics from your yard, especially the deer posing. We've had rain all week and today will be a washout completely. We needed it but now I'm done. We're at Cub Scout day camp all week, in the rain, with 9 year old boys stepping in all the mud, all the puddles! lol. It takes two washings to get our shirts clean, well, my son's shirt. I'd love to say we're seeing lots of wildlife, but not really, just Daddy Long Legs. We are learning about nature though, the boys don't complain about the rain, and we're having fun!


Your cards are Great and so fitting with summer upon us. The card with the sunglasses...so cute Great job on all the cards.
Whatever the deer are eating, they sure are enjoying it.

We have had some light showers off and on here but nothing serious but shall see what the next 2 days bring. Most of the harder rains where further East and North of me.
Love your nature photos and thanks for sharing.
You and Lou take care

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