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20 June 2015


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Beth Wilhelm

Love you card as usual~so pretty!
It doesn't look like our Queen Anne's Lace. The leaves make me think it is from the Yarrow family, but I don't know some plants too well. Pretty though! Hugs, Beth

Barb Ghig

This is so pretty, Jaydee! Your tag is so charming, and I love your background! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us :)


You do make the loveliest cards with that Wetlands stamp set.

Funny, I was just thinking last week about the cowbirds I used to see riding the cows when I was growing up on the farm. Hadn't thought of them for decades.


This beautiful tag makes me think of waves splashing on the shore! A wonderful sound! Love the nature pictures. I've never seen a bird riding on a deer but it makes great sense. We've had a pair of cowbirds at our feeders this spring.

vicki dutcher

Love the tagged beach scene~


Beautiful card Jaydee. Love our serene seaside with the bright sun shining. Perfect patterned paper for the background as you said. xx


Lovely Card Jaydee. Like the simplicity
Thank goodness for them cowbirds; right?

Queen Anne's Lace sometimes called 'Wild Carrot'.
Very common plant that grows in dry fields, ditches, and open areas and can grow up to 4 feet tall. Best known for the flowers, which are tiny and white, blooming in lacy, flat-topped clusters. Each little flower has a dark, purplish center which blooms from May - October.
The fruits of Queen Anne's Lace are spiky, and will curl inward to build a "birds' nest" shape.
The Queen Anne's Lace will not bloom the first year but will bloom the second year of planting.

Keep enjoying the simple things in life..........
I find myself the happiest with the simple things.
Appreciating the blessings God gave me.

Just sitting and listening to the sound of rain has a sound all it's own.
People need to sit back and just listen, and enjoy the simple things that are around you.

Have a wonderful day along with an enjoyable weekend

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