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16 July 2015


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Dale, how wonderful that you will be joining us this year. So glad that you are participating. On behalf of the charities, thank you so much!


Stef, wonderful that you are joining us again this year. Thank you so much. I appreciate it and you know the charities will, too!

Dale Barbur

I absolutely love your Emu card! I am so excited to be able to make cards for Cards for a Cause, count me in! Thank-you for doing this and allowing me to be a part of it.

Stef Perry

Hi Jaydee, I look forward to joining you again this year in your card drive. Love that you do this!!




Marsha, how wonderful. Thank you! No minimums and no maximums and it's totally ok to duplicate cards. I've done that. And, yes! Holiday cards for the kids... including appropriate Halloween and Christmas. I even bought a brand new stamp for children's Christmas cards and have had some fun today coloring the images and hope they will bring a smile to the recipient's face :-)


Marsha Lotze

Jaydee, I'm planning on making cards for your drive. Is there a minimum or maximum amount of cards for the drive Do you care if duplicate or single design cards are made for the children. I'm anxious to start. It looks like the organization needs any type, even holiday cards. Thanks a lot, your friend from Apple Valley, CA.


Rosemarie, thank you so much for participating - and for passing along the word! I really appreciate that - and we know that the charities and recipients will as well :-)
Have a fabulous weekend


Marina, you have the most amazingly interesting life. You pop backwards and forwards to some amazing places and I love hearing where you are :-) Thank you for offering to participate. As I know you are unlikely to be sending Halloween cards :-) it's perfectly OK for you to get your cards to me by mid-October. That will be wonderful.

rosemarie calpin

Have been following your blog but don't often comment. As both of your causes are near to my heart will be participating in the card drive! Have also asked card making friends to help. Thank you for doing this. Greetings from California.


What a cute and adorable card
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend


Dear Jaydee:

I will be participating. Would there be the possibility that I mail the cards to you by mid-October? I will be travelling to Paris end of September to meet some American friends. They will return to the US by that date. If it is not possible, let me know . . . I will see how I get them to you.

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

Marina . . . from far Africa


Karen, I am so sorry to hear about the CKD. I've never had to deal with this with any of my cats, so all I can do is tell you what I've done to help cats who won't eat under other circumstances.

I'd also recommend seeking out an holistic vet if you can. one that is a DVM but also looks at the cat from an holistic point of view. Cat's stop eating for so many different reasons.... dried food tends to be the first thing my cats stop eating. I try them with their favorite food and heat it up in the microwave for 8-10 seconds - just enough to warm it a little - it increases the smell quotient.

I also use a high calorie supplement called Nutri-Cat made by Tomlyn. You can get it usually at PetCo or PetSmart. I've also had the vet prescribe Metrazapine - which really helped with my older or sick cats. Another thing is baby food, warmed a little. just ensure there is no onion or garlic in the baby food.

You have probably already seen this - but I did find this link: http://www.allfelinehospital.com/chronic-kidney-disease.pml

It's a very frustrating process... not getting a cat to eat..... keep close with your vet and don't forget to check anything you do in terms of supplements or anything with your vet before offering them up. especially with a disease such as this.

As I said, I've never had to deal with this particular reason.... hopefully this helped a little.... Good luck and many hugs to you and your kitty

Karen Lang

This is way off the subject of cards.......I am a card crafter but also have a cat! I have followed your blog & have read about your cat history. We have a 13 yr old with CKD.......we are having a very difficult time getting him to eat solid food....whether it be dry or wet. I have heard you talk about your successes with your cats & do you have any suggestions for me. Thank you. I really do love to see pictures of all your animal friends whether they be in your wetland or garden area....plus your beautiful indoor animals!! And your card creations are very inspiring. Karen


Sandy, thanks for letting me know. The link is now fixed :-) So glad you will be joining us and helping both of these great organizations.

Sandy M

Jaydee I would be happy to participate. FYI the link for general cards won't open. Thank you for all you do, and your little owl card is adorable!

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