2015 Jaydee Cards for a Cause Inspiration
Dream Big for Paper Players #264

Christmas inspiration for charity card drive

Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday.  Jeanne and I were exchanging emails this week about how hard it is for us to make cards for children.  Choosing Cards for Hospitalized Kids as one of the charities to support this year forced me to really go out and find some stamps that are appropriate for kids.    I hit jackpot when I went to a scrapping expo in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.

I found these fabulous vinyl outlines that are just perfect to attach to watercolor paper and color - a gingerbread boy and a gingerbread girl.

Coloring these two was such fun.  I combined them with some bright Crushed Cucumber and Watermelon Wonder envelope liner paper from Stampin' Up!:

Gingerbreadgirl (1 of 1)

Gingerbreadman (1 of 1)

Of course, I had to use some pearls for the eyes and buttons and I like the way the shine on the pearls matches the shine on the vinyl outlines.   I hope they bring a smile to someone :-)

On a personal note:

On our trip up to Scotland we took our special travelmate on a journey that we thought she would enjoy - and it was a total surprise for her.   When she was 9 we introduced her to the wonderful world of Harry Potter and there is nothing that girl (well, she's 23 now!) doesn't remember about any of the Harry Potter books.  She's a very smart, sassy, funny and beautiful young woman - hey, a lot like Hermione Granger, really :-)

Anyway, one of the things I found whilst looking for things for us to do, was the Jacobite steam train that was used in the Harry Potter movies - and the fact that the train still runs daily and covers the scenery - and the viaduct - that was used in the first two HP movies.   We booked the carriage that was used in the first Harry Potter movie... but they pulled it the night before we were supposed to take the journey!   So... we managed to ride THE train, go over THE viaduct, via THE lakes that were passed in the movie - but not in the same carriage.   It was still fabulous anyway!

Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the train... but I did get a shot of the viaduct that appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  HP fans will recognize this as the viaduct that Ron and Harry drive in front of the Hogwarts Express riding/flying a blue Ford Anglia.   There was a lot of reflection on the window from inside the carriage... but I can't not show you this photo :-)

Hogwarts viaduct (1 of 1)

The day that we rode the Jacobite steam train, we ended up at Mallaig and took a boat for a trip around the bay and saw some wonderful things:

Like "Seal Island".  Now, I wonder why they called it that :-)

Seal island (1 of 1)

Whilst we were waiting for the boat to take off, Lou pointed over the side and said - check out that amazing jellyfish.

He was AMAZING!   I wasn't expecting to see such a large, colorful jellyfish in cold water.

Jellyfish (1 of 1)

Here's another shot of him:

Jellyfish (1 of 1)-2

He was HUGE.   He was much bigger than a very large dinner plate!

I hope you enjoyed these little shots of part of our Scotland trip.   Please don't forget to let me know if you are joining us on the charity card drive.

I'll be back with more cards later in the week.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.




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Wow!! That is a cool jellyfish! ! You really get awedome pictures!!

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