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More Christmas card inspiration for the 2015 card drive

Hi Everyone. 

Happy Tuesday.  I hope you are all having a great week.

I have a couple more inspiration cards for you tonight.   I saw this stamp set at the scrapbook expo a few weeks ago in Minneapolis.  I attended a paid card making session and, as part of that investment, we get to choose a free stamp set.   After the session was over, I went over to the stand and started to look around at the stamps.   I saw this stamp set and it was all over.   I KNEW that I HAD to have this set.  It made me laugh out loud.

I had such fun coloring the images.   Here's the first card:

Holidayth (1 of 1)

Then, there is this one:

Candy cane (1 of 1)

Seriously!  Aren't those adorable :-)  I absolutely love this set and can't wait to make some more cards for the card drive.

If you have Copics - or are thinking about Copics - I did want to share something with you that has made my Copic coloring so much easier. 

I did the first Copic class and listened really carefully about what they told us about the numbers and how they go together and how to choose your markers.   BUT.. it wasn't until I saw this amazing tool from Sandy Allnock (the amazing woman who created Operation Write Home for us!)  Sandy is an amazing artist and worked to create a Copic color chart.

I cannot tell you how useful this chart has been.   It comes with a fully colored hex chart, so that you can see all the colors together, plus a blank one so that you can color in the matching sections with the colors you own.

I use this chart every single time I use my Copic markers.  Not only does it help me to determine the colors that work together, but it also showed me why I didn't need to buy some of the colors I had, as they are so similar to others on the chart.

Here's a photo of the two charts:

Color chart (1 of 1)

 The top chart is the one that comes already colored when you print it.  The bottom one is the one that I colored using the markers that I have.

Now, let's look at a closer view that shows you how similar some of these colors are, and why I didn't need to buy them!

Color chart (1 of 1)-2

If you are interested in this amazing tool - you can check it out on Sandy's blog HEX CHART

It was a really well spent $6 and would have saved me money if I had known about this before I paid to buy some of these markers :-)

On a personal note:

The last couple of days have been gorgeous.  Warm, with a warm breeze and sunny.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The sort of days that make you want summer to continue just a little bit longer.  One of the things that is different for us this year..... the fall colors are non-existent this year.  Our Sugar Maples haven't even turned color - they are a slight yellow and are falling.  Very different this year to other years.  So this, along with the fact that ALL the summer birds have been gone for a good few weeks, makes me thing that we may be in for some interesting weather this year!

I might think that I am not ready for winter, but I did see a couple of photos from last year with all the wonderful snow on the wetland and I realized that it doesn't matter the weather..... there is still something amazing to be found in every single day out of my window!

I'll be back later this week with some more inspiration for you.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.




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What cute cards as well as the stamp set. (been there, done that) (hey, I was a stupid young kid back then)
Have a great week along with an enjoyable evening

Ruth Ann Vincent

Oh that little Elf! He is mischievous, but so cute.
Thank you for sharing the charts very interesting.
I still have 3 Hummingbirds that come for their drinks But haven't seen the Cardinals for awhile.
Hope you and Lou are well


Hi Jaydee!!

Your cards are beautiful!! So sad to tell you that I will not be able to send my promised cards for your card drive . . . went to Europe and did not have time to finish them before the trip. I will try to feel better by working hard to have lots of goodies for our Christmas Sale and get funds for Catholic Relief (CARITAS).

Thanks for your understanding.

Marina . . . . from far Africa

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