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29 December 2015


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Ruth Ann Vincent

Hope you are feeling better.
I'm right handed and torn the tendon in my right thumb. I can't open the door knobs, or jar an bottle lids. Still painful and happened in Sept.

Nance Leedy

Oh my Jaydee, so sorry to hear about your hand injuries...those darn pets of ours can really send us for a loop can't they? I hope you are on the mend soon and able to see about some craft therapy asap! Despite all that, Happy New Year! ((Hugs))

Claire Broadwater

Oh Jaydee, I am so sorry you injured! it sounds so painful! I am praying for you and a speedy recovery! Please take care of yourself! Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, My Friend! XXX


2 very beautiful and great looking cards.
All well here. Few scary moments and sleepless night but faired pretty well compared to so many who have lost loved ones and their homes.
Wishing everyone a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.


First off, so sorry to hear about your hand! And what a way to injure it! Hopefully you have the chance to rest it and allow it to fully recover.

Your cards are beautiful. I hope the recipients understand how special they are. Just beautiful. Who wouldn't love to get one of those beauties in the mail!

Anne Marie

What is expanding snow ? I love that look on santas beard and coat ... How super adorable ... Thanks Jaydee for sharing .. Hope your Christmas was a Happy one and even a better new year.2016.. P.s. We to have had the worse weather .. Just Strange as all get out ... Prayers to all who are suffering . Hugs Anne

Jeanne H

I too am sorry to hear you are injured! Best thoughts and wishes for a fast and complete recovery. Sending a hug to you.


Oh Jaydee I am so sorry to hear about your injury, this time of year especially. Those darn cats! Both of your cards are great. I am the happy recipient of a card made with the first set and it's just such a gorgeous image. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, my friend!

Kelly W.

Oh Jaydee, that's a lot to deal with! I'm lifting you in prayers for healing. My sister is a hand therapist, maybe she can offer you some tips. ; ) My yellow lab that passed away in July had a nickname that might be fitting for Chester..."Big Naughty"! Ha ha! Your cards are gorgeous, as always. The regal colors of the first and beautiful coloring of the second are outstanding! You're in my thoughts~

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