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Possom Portrait for the Paper Players

Hi Everyone.  Happy Sunday.

It's the fabulous Laurie's turn to host our Paper Players challenge this week and she has a wonderful color combo:

This isn't a color scheme that I would have generally put together, but I love it.  In fact, I made three different cards with it.
But, for the Paper Players challenge card, I pulled out a stamp that Lou bought me when he was down in Australia and I absolutely love it.  My initial inclination with these sorts of stamps is to go with realistic colors, but I realized how freeing it was - and how great it looked - with a anon-realistic color scheme.
Here's my card:
Pppossum (1 of 1)
I didn't want to introduce another color - so just shaded the tiny little possum with a light shade of grey.  Curious about this little guy?  and... he really is LITTLE?  Check out my post where I show you who he is and have a link to details about him.  You can check him out here
Isn't he absolutely adorable?  And isn't he tiny?
We hope you will join us this week and, if you are looking for some inspiration, you can check out the cards from our design team:

On a personal note:

My PC finally came back to me on late Thursday afternoon and then I had to load my backup and try to load all of my additional pieces of software - and catch up on the 4 days of work - and email - that I had missed for 4 days.  I love technology - when it works!

I wanted to share a photo of a new visitor to our garden.   Now... we had MANY of these in our old house - but this is the first one we have seen in the nearly 4 years we have been here.  We aren't sure if it is because of the soil - or the predators - but it really has  taken us almost 4 years to see one.

Rabbit (1 of 1)

He's eating the seed that the birds have dropped from the feeders and decided that the grey squirrel was encroaching on "his" area today, so changed it off :-)

I love the light at this time of the year.  It's very soft and showcases just how barren the wetland is.  I must admit... and I know I have said it before... I really am looking forward to Spring. 

Wetland (1 of 1)-2

I'll be back with another card tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.






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Joanne James

I almost missed that little guy nestled among the flower border Jaydee - how cute is he?! I love the frame design of the border - and it does look great in the less traditional colours!


cute possum stamp and must say, that is the only possum that I think is cute. I don't like stepping outside in the morning when it's still dark and seeing a possum in our yard. Thank goodness they aren't meat eaters.
Possum and all you have a very lovely card Jaydee. It has a sweetness about it.
Photo of your little bunny is adorable
Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend


Great use of these colors, Jaydee! I always love your nature photos! Isn't he a handsome fella! Thanks for your encouragement at CAS Mix Up. We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations over there.

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, this is just fabulous! The colors aren't ones I would put together either, but they look amazing with this stamp set! Such a unique card! I love that little bunny picture! The snow looks so pretty! XXX

Nance Leedy

Oh my, I do remember your post about this pint-sized possum! What a cutie. Great use of the colors and such a unique stamp!


Oh..this card is so cute Jaydee! I love that stamp. I followed your link and that lil guy is SO adorable...and teeny tiny! So sweet!

Sandy M

I love this card, Jaydee! The non-realistic colors (as you call them) add a fairy-tale feeling to these already dreamy images!

linda callahan

Well that little guy is adorable! Sweet sweet card!

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