Easter Bunny for AAACards and a little more blog candy
Petals Wall Butterfly for Paper Players #288

Blog Candy Winners

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday.  

I cannot thank you all enough for playing along with my first two blog candy posts.   I loved reading your comments, as did Lou.  Lou didn't care what I had written on my post - all he was interested was reading what you all had to say!

So... as he was so enamored with your comments, I thought I would let him have the privilege of choosing the winners.

Let's start with the "Spot the Difference" post.  One of the things I love about all my blog readers is that you are all so detailed oriented and nailed the differences in the bunny.  He is a cute bunny, isn't he?  I love his bow-tie, but need to remember to use a grey pen instead of a black pen the next time I add one.

Yeah... I know... you really don't want to hear me rabbiting (oh I am so funny!) on.... about how great you are.... you want to hear the winner!

Well, there were 17 comments on the Spot the Difference post and I asked Lou to choose a number he gave me one... and the winner is.......

Sabrina who said:  Such a darling card!! This bunny has a big beautiful bow where as your other bunny didn't,This one is a tag where as the other is a card,this bunny has

Sabrina, congratulations.  Please email me with your snail mail address and a surprise package will be on it's way to you this weekend.

Of course, we haven't finished.   We had to choose a winner of the fabulous Fun Stampers Moon Walker stamp set from my other Easter Bunny post.  And... the winner is.....

Terry, G.   Who said:   Love all your photos especially of the birds and your sweet kitties. But, one that just popped out at me was the goldfinch from August of last year. 
Belated Happy Birthday...we share a birthday week as mine was yesterday.

Terry, a belated Happy Birthday!  Please email me with your snail mail address and your Moon Walker set will be blasting off to you this weekend.

Of course, my birthday weekend isn't over yet... so I will be back with another blog candy - and my Paper Players card!  

I couldn't leave without a photo for you all....  Meet Roger.... yeah... I take no responsibility for naming him... Lou did!   This is one of the male turkey's that has decided to hang around our house and sun himself in the woodland on an old log.  He spends a fair amount of time with us during the day and then disappears at sunset.  We have no idea why he decided to stick around and let all his friends leave.... but... hey... he's always welcome.

Roger (1 of 1)

Isn't he handsome?  I think so!

And... you know I never get enough of these guys.... How about this little Downy :-)


Hairy (1 of 1)-2

Now... I think he's gorgeous, too!   I love these guys... .they never cease to stop entertaining me and they are fearless.

I'll be back tomorrow.... .again... thank you to all of you who left me birthday messages or have played along with the blog candy fun.... don't forget to come back tomorrow for another card.... and some more blog candy!

Hugs to you all and a very Blessed Easter.




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Congratulations to Sabrina and Terry on the win.
Lou, what a perfect name for your woodland turkey. A handsome fella He is. My darling hubby, Roger can be rather a turkey at times. :}
Birds; like young children can be rather entertaining and so fun to watch.

Jaydee; Wishing you and Lou a happy and Blessed Easter
Wishing your Easter is decorated
with love, peace, joys of Spring
and the season's blessings.

Happy Easter weekend to one and all


Oh my...I won one of your candies...thank you so much. Have sent you my address.. uh..maybe twice.

Love Roger and of course the downy..

Have a Happy Easter!

Marsha Lotze

Hi Jaydee,

A sunny hello from Apple Valley, CA. I really loved your bunnies, but didn't get to enter your contest. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday. You share March with my daughter whose birthday is St. Patrick's Day.

Congrats to both of the women who won your contest. I really love your latest turkey photos. We used to live not too far from a turkey ranch. Loved to take our niece and children to see them. Roger is a perfect name for your gobbler.

Happy Easter blessings to you and Lou.

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