Easter Bunny for Match The Sketch and blog candy announcement
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Easter Bunny for AAACards and a little more blog candy

Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday.

I am sorry I missed posting last night, but I was still working at 11pm and was back at my desk this morning at 6am prepping for a presentation and just totally missed out on getting my post up.

A reminder - and clarification..  (thanks, Colleen...)   the blog candy runs through FRIDAY the 25th... not Thursday the 25th!   Can't remember what blog candy is on offer?  Check out my post from Monday.  It has been wonderful reading all of your comments.... Ive also enjoyed revisiting some of the photos I have posted that you have identified as your favorites.   

So... tonight's card was made for the challenge across at AAA cards.. in fact, it is their fault that I went looking for an Easter Bunny digi download!  I know... this is a peep... and I went looking for a bunny... don't even ask how my mind works :-)

Monday's card had a paired down bunny - this bunny is much bigger.    I mixed him with Pink Pirouette ink from Stampin' Up! and some DSP that I had left over from my March Simon Says Stamp card kit.   I thoroughly enjoyed coloring him in with my Copic Markers!

Here's my card:

Pink easter bunny (1 of 1)

You know... I am not a "pink person" but I am in love with this pink bunny card.   It might be a result of the never-ending winter... and the fact that I am longing for some soft-Spring colors... or it could be that this card was made for a bestie who loves pale pink.... whatever the reason.... I love it.

So, let's play spot the difference.   Can you see what the difference is between this bunny and the one from this post?

Go on... take a look, you know you want to :-)   I'll wait for you?     If you do go take a look and want to leave me a comment letting me know what the difference(s) are, I will put all of those commenters into the proverbial comment bucket and draw a winner for a little more blog candy.

Want to know what the blog candy is?   Well, it will be a surprise :-)  But I promise it will be worth it.  It will definitely have something to do with card making... and will definitely have something to do with stamping... but I will keep you in suspense until tomorrow.

So.. you have two chances for blog candy already on my birthday week.  Leave a comment noting your favorite photograph o Monday's post.... or leave a "spot the difference" comment on tonight's post and I will pick a winner for both on Friday night.

On a personal note

OK... this one is for Jeanne.   For my birthday I received a new table for the mud room.  I found this amazing company in Chicago who go around and find old buildings and barns that are being torn down and they recover and reuse the wood.    Just the sort of thing that really gets me excited.   AND... they are amazing value and, after receiving the table I can tell you... they are amazing quality.  I'll share a photo with you later this week!   

What's this got to do with Jeanne?  Well, Jeanne asked for more photos of my kitty cats and Bailey decided to make himself the perfect focus of a photograph.   When we unpacked the box, we took out the paper they had used for wrapping the table.......  Here's what happened:

Can you see Bailey in this photo?

Seeacat (1 of 1)

Nope... he is very well hidden among all that paper......  Now let's try?

Seeacat (1 of 1)-2

He was having waaaay too much fun.   He only got bored of diving in and out of the pile of paper after about an hour!

Now... for those of you who come to my blog for wildlife pics.  Here's one for you:

Tomturkey (1 of 1)

He was trying oh so hard to attract the females, but they were much too interested in eating!  I can't imagine all of the energy that it takes to stay like this for so long.

The females weren't impressed... and neither were the other males!

Tomturkey's friends (1 of 1)

I'll be back with another card tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers to those of you who need a little lift tonight.