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23 March 2016


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Sandy M

Of course I had to look! This bunny has a beautiful big bow, which I love! Gorgeous card, Jaydee. Love to see pics of your kitty too, they are such fun companions!

Linda Rodgers

Thanks for the animal pics...both tame and wild. You're right--I love your cards, but I really come for the other pics.


Hi! The big bow tie, the slightly more vibrant nose, the pink is slightly darker ... both are stunning and you do such a beautiful job of colouring them!

And, to answer two questions in one post, my favourite photo(s) are the owls (cannot remember when it was posted but it was so crisp and vivid), the pictures of your lovely home (each and every one) and today's, with that sweet kitty cat. Too many to narrow it down just to one!


Oh your bunnies make me smile! First bunny was smaller and the pink accents were paler. Today's bunny is larger and has a very pretty dark pink bow. The nose is also tad darker pink. How funny to see wild turkeys. That is one type of wildlife we share. Around here they will walk right down the middle of the street! No way I could pick just one of your wildlife photos. They are all amazing. Belated birthday greetings!

Florence P

That bunny is so elegantly done.
Love your cat's antics, and your turkeys. 😊


Such a pretty card and cute little bunny
this one has little whiskers; the other does not
this card has a bow
lines in left ear are darker/highlighted

Great photo. TY. I'd say that male turkey kinda got the cold shoulder from everyone.
Have a fun and enjoyable day and thank you for this giveaway opportunity

Doris D.

It is the big bow tie. Love this card with the darling bunny. And Bailey is just too cute. I know he had fun with all that paper. Can't wait to see your table.

Jill V

Fabulous pics - my cats love all kinds of packaging too!
Great Easter card - I agree that pink is a great background colour for Spring cards! Thanks so much for playing along with us at AAA Cards! Jill

Sabrina Radican

Such a darling card!! This bunny has a big beautiful bow where as your other bunny didn't,This one is a tag where as the other is a card,this bunny has a shadow under him and the other bunny does not.

Evelyn B

I saw the bow tie right away! It is still the cutest bunny and I do love the pink paper as a backdrop. Thanks for the bunnies cards. Love them!


Spot the difference - the bow and the whiskers! Cute card, I'm not a big fan of pink either but it perfectly suits this card. Bailey is absolutely adorable. So typical, they love playing in the boxes and wrappings while a bunch of toys bought just for them are sitting nearby. Or maybe that was just my spoiled rotten cat!

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! Love your pretty Easter bunny cards! This one is gorgeous in the soft pale pink. That's my favorite shade of pink and really the only shade of pink I'll wear. Reminds me of my ballet classes a long time ago. ; ) Your bunny image is adorable, as the one before. This one has a bow and bigger heart shaped nose. Your coloring is perfect. I bet it's harder to shade the bunny white than it looks! I don't do much with Copics, I need a class. If I do get adventurous and pull them out, it's for a small flower.

Mr. Turkey is quite the showman! And sweet Bailey, how can you resist those amber eyes? I love his expressions. Bet he was ready for a long nap after playing for an hour. Can't wait to see your table! I hope your work hours are shorter today. : )


Such a cute photo of Bailey...cats always think that every box (no matter the size), basket, bowl etc...that comes in the house is their new bed or playground. Don't you just love it!
The difference in the bunnies are the bow is o this one and the whiskers show up more. I love pink so this one is my favorite but love both cards.

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, I just love to ready your posts! The bunny is missing the big pink bow and whiskers! Both are precious! I love all your photos. I would love to know about the place in Chicago that uses old barn wood. That makes me excited, too! I love that type of furniture! Have a wonderful Easter, My Friend! XX

Jeanne H

Love your Bailey! How much fun he had. Thanks for the pictures...made me smile. OK, about the bunny. I noticed the bow-tie difference and the fact the first one was fussy cut out. Also today's bunny has whiskers. Great cards, both of them. AND I love pink!

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