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21 March 2016


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Love all your photos especially of the birds and your sweet kitties. But, one that just popped out at me was the goldfinch from August of last year.
Belated Happy Birthday...we share a birthday week as mine was yesterday.


That is one adorable bunny card.
Jaydee, sorry but I love All your photos so unable to choose just one but did pick a few.
woodland/deer http://www.jaydeestamping.com/.a/6a01156ff4b4ea970b01b8d1888593970c-popup
(in fact All the deer photos)

beautiful blue jay at the feeder. Such a pretty blue color http://www.jaydeestamping.com/.a/6a01156ff4b4ea970b01b8d1766975970c-popup

Cardinal in Cedar tree http://www.jaydeestamping.com/.a/6a01156ff4b4ea970b01bb0890c2cd970d-popup (also include the cardinals in the snow)

whatyoulookinat photo (so cute the way the deer are keeping a watchful eye on you :} http://www.jaydeestamping.com/.a/6a01156ff4b4ea970b01b7c7e464bf970b-popup

Kris Markham

Happy belated birthday, Jaydee. I share my day with a special crafter!! Always look forward to your cards. Kris

Doris D.

Cardinal in the snow is my favorite. When we have snow there is a cardinal that visits. Just beautiful. Thanks for the chance of the blog candy.


Hallo Jaydee,
vielen Dank für Deine Teilnahme bei "Match the Sketch".
Deine Karte ist so goldig :-)

Liebe Grüße aus "Sabines-Kreativecke"

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! Your bunny card is so soft and pretty. I love the soft blue clouds and cute little bunny. Adorable!

I enjoy all your photos but a few stand out. The cardinal in the snow taken this winter was striking with his bright red feathers looking so bold against the whisper white snow. It's the photo where you only see him and the snow pile, no trees or background. The other photos I've really enjoyed are from your Nova Scotia holiday. I was intrigued because I've only been as north as Acadia National Park in Maine and it was fun to see the similarities in the landscape and the beauty of the area. I'm hoping to make it to Nova Scotia someday. All of your nature photos always warm my heart; the frogs on the deck, the hummers in the Summer, the wildflowers, deer, cranes, groundhogs, and beautiful birds at the feeder or tree stump. You have a true gift to capture nature's beauty and I'm grateful you share that with all of us! I think I forgot to mention your furry friends inside, those are a welcome sight too. ; )

C. D.

You always have so many beautiful nature related photos on your blog, that it is hard to choose. But, I keep going back to your January, 2016 photos and immediately go to the 2 red cardinals in the snow photos. These are both beautiful photos and wonderful reminders spring is not too far away.

Carol B

What a cute bunny card. Back in November you had a photo of a Red Bellied Woodpecker that caught my eye, so this is my pick, I also loved your pic of the Downy Woodpeckers, we have them visit our bird bath and suet feeder, like you I love them, such interesting birds.

Evelyn B

Well, I love your bunny. The clouds really make the perfect backdrop for the bunny and the colorful strips of soft colors make for a great card!

Sabrina Radican

What a darling Easter card!!! My favorite two photos that you took and posted on youe site are from October 2015 http://www.jaydeestamping.com/weblog/2015/10/birthday-sketch-for-as-you-see-it.html The trees are so beautiful and to see the deer so close and so many is .. well it is just priceless!!!

Diane Durbin

I didn't read email yesterday so I didn't even know it was your birthday. Hope it was wonderful. And how could I ever tell you which of your pictures I like best? I like all of them and look forward to them. Always a little disappointed when there isn't a picture. I like Wee Inklings for Cassidy's pictures and I like your site for the bird pictures. Well, there, I've chosen. I think I like the bird pictures best, though I also like the deer and the cats.

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