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So... what was at the end of my lens?

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to all of you who played along with the "guess what was at the end of my lens".  Lou and I both loved reading your comments and suggestions on what it might be.  From blue birds to dinosaurs and everything in between.  I really had fun with it and am so glad that you did, too

So... want a closer look.... let's get a half-way view:

Gettingcloser (1 of 1)

Now.. I think you can all guess what it is.... want to be sure?

Gettingcloser (1 of 1)-2

and here's another shot:

Gettingcloser (1 of 1)-5

When you see how majestic these amazing birds are, you can totally see why the US chose the Bald Eagle as their national symbol.  Lou and I were so thrilled.  Lou saw him flying in across the wetland and called for me to get my camera.  It certainly says a lot about my new camera that it can zoom in as far as it does.  In case you are wondering how far - let me remind you of the photo that started this fun:-)

Whereisthebaldie (1 of 1)

Now that you know where he is... if you look at about 11 oclock and focus your eye toward the far trees, you can just see a brown outline.  Then look at the earlier photos in this post - pretty amazing for a non-professional camera, I think.

And yes, Shirley.... this is in color - it's about as much color as we get here in Minnesota at this time of year.... meaning.. not a heck of a lot!  It's brown.... and brown... and another shade of brown :-)   However, on the close-up of the Baldie, you can see a little bit of green peeping up around one of the water holes.

Now... who won the Paper Pumpkin package?  Let's see.  Lou chose a number between 1 and 26 and he choose..... Drum Roll, please!

Beth Wilhelm said...

Great card as usual, Jaydee! I don't see anything, but I will guess little tiny green leaves starting to come out on the trees! I love all your beautiful nature pictures!!

Beth, please could you send me an email with your snail mail address and I will get your package off to you.  

Ann, please could you send me your address, too - you were a winner for sharing the name of your ancestor buried in Westminster!

I honestly can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you all.  YOU are the only reason that I continue to do my blog posts.  I am always surprised, amazed - and delighted - that I have managed to "meet" so many amazing people through my blog.  You inspire me to continue to do this with every comment that you make.

I'll be back on Wednesday with another blog post - and a card.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers to those of you who need a little lift tonight.





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I love that it was a Bald Eagle just visiting you two new American citizens!


Congratulations Beth on the win and to Ann as well.
Great guess to those who guessed the Eagle.
Way to go Lou for spotting that beautiful eagle, for being at the right place at the right time.
Jaybee; Thank You for sharing such beautiful photos.
Have a wonderful day and relaxing evening.

Sabrina Radican

OH WOW!!!! How beautiful and gorgeous!!! I got I first loo up close of a bald eagle when my husband and I and his family too a cruise to Alaska. I just absolutely fell in love with them the moment I saw them!!!

Shirley Bock

Sorry about that "color" business--just was not thinking. Yes we have a lot of dull, brown, gray colors all year long. What a beautiful shot you got of the bald eagle. You are amazing in getting such shots of the wild life in your back yard.


Congrats, Beth. This was fun. No wonder you were thrilled to get a shot like that. Great camerawork. Have a great day.

Kelly W.

Jaydee, this is just so exciting! I love the shots, so majestic! Maybe you'll be able to find a nest sometime. What a great camera you have to zoom in so close. I'd be on the lookout daily and afraid I wouldn't get any work done. Ha ha! Thanks so much for sharing. So happy for you and Lou to see!

Marsha Lotze

Hi Jaydee,

I didn't find the bald eagle, but the picture was great! Here in Big Bear they have a bald eagle count every year and I just I was crazy and went on the count!! Your eagle is just beautiful, just as all of your pictures are. Always, Marsha

Pat Jandacek

Hi, Jaydee - I've been a long-time, non-commenting lurker and enjoy your blog. Your artwork is wonderful but I get more from your comments and pictures of your well-thought-out planning for and the results of your own 'nature center' that you so happily share with us. And, (last but certainly not least!) your obviously very happy marriage and uplifting 'sign-off.'
I'm in Venice FL and we have a pair of eagles nesting in the vicinity that love sitting on the very tip-top of a very tall Norfolk pine in my neighbor's yard so they get an excellent view of the golf course and neighboring ponds and we, in turn, get an excellent view of them. I always marvel at them and one thing that surprised me is how high-pitched and shrill their call is. For such a large bird I just imagined it would be in a much lower tone! So if you or Lou hear a high-pitched sound, check to see if the eagle is around. BTW, your camera is as amazing as its operator!

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