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15 May 2016


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Colleen Begley

This is one rockin' Emu with her purple hair. I love it! Great image for LeAnne's challenge this week. Love your real life bird picture too. We don't have a lot of colorful birds here, but they sure do like to sing in the mornings. Hugs!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, this emu makes me smile, too! His hair is crazy like mine! I love Blackberry Bliss. Such a fun card certain to make someone very happy! Love your photos! You have the best visitors, My Friend! XX

Nance Leedy

I, too, love the way your emu peeks from around the frame. The crystal effects give him a wild look that is just perfect for the challenge. Love the blackberry frame and the cross hatches look a bit like avian footprints! So cute, Jaydee!

Joanne James

Jaydee this emu cracks me up every time I see him - hilarious!! I love the way he's peeking out of the frame - such a crazy wild animal!

Tracy May

ha ha ha your card really made me smile! Great card! :-)

Sandy M

Jaydee the expression on this Emu just cracks me up! He reminds me of the time my daughter got bit by an Emu on an emu farm in Georgia. Thankfully it only required a band-aid and her brothers thought it was hysterical :) Anyway, he looks great framed out in blackberry. Awesome card for the challenge!

Andrea W

The Emu is cracking me up! It's so much fun and I love how you framed it with the cross stitch frame. Fun card!

Doris D.

My favorite wild animal!! He is so cute with his unruly hair and yes those eyes! And the cross stitch frame just makes this card. Beautiful.


Oh, Jaydee, I giggle every time I see Ms. Emu.
That is such a cute stamp and you always manage to make such lovely cards using it and no exception here on this card. It's so darn cute and lovely as well as so rich looking using the Blackberry Bliss. I as well love that cross-stitch frame.
Another beautiful bird photo but he sure is giving you the 'look' for taking it's picture :}
Oh, if only I could get a picture of the Roadrunner. I never seem to have my camera with me when I'm working outside and by the time I run in to get it and go back outside again; he's gone; trotting off somewhere else.
Next time we mow our yard, I will be sure to take camera out with me just in case it appears again. I just have a very cheap camera so don't know how well the picture will turn out.
Hopefully I can get a shot of him one of these days.
Enjoy your day and have a fun and enjoyable evening.

linda callahan

Ok this is the cutest guy ever! Totally makes me smile! Love the hair.....and oh those eyes! ;)


I believe I will never see an emu at my feeder, so I will have to be content to see yours on paper, LOL! He's a cutie (or is it a "she") and perfect for my wild challenge! I love your orioles...I think these are orchards, right?! I finally got a good long gander at mine on Friday night...he was quite cooperative and I watched him for a good 15 minutes....although he was pretty high up in his tree!


Fun cards! I so enjoy your nature notes. A native Minnesota girl now living in Florida I so miss the wonderful MN wildlife. My Dad always said to never plant outside in MN until the day after Memorial Day and ... He was so right. The catbirds also loved the orange halves and grape jelly along with the Orioles. Lucky you!


Your framed Emu is adorable! I love that hair!!! I love the cross stitched frame,too.

I haven't planted anything up here yet, but I did get out the bird feeder and have been enjoying that!

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