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11 September 2016


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Joanne James

Lilies are my favourite flower - and yours is stunning Jaydee! Love it against the crisp white background. As for your garden - how do you get anything done? I would just want to sit and watch the wildlife the whole day long. Love those before and after photos!

Colleen Begley

Beautiful yard and bird pics, as usual. Also as usual, a beautiful card. Love the framed sentiment in the middle. Keeping it in my mind to try.

Linda Callahan

That flower is gorgeous.....and so is your yard! Love seeing it grow!


I love all the white..it really makes the bloom just pop. Beautiful card:) Love all your photos....what a gorgeous yard and pretty view!


What a beautiful floral image incorporating my colors....and that sentiment is just delightful, especially framed the way you did it! And yes, as soon as I saw your bird, I was pretty sure it was a yellow-bellied sapsucker! They did the same thing to my poor dying maple last year! They are fun to watch though! And thanks for making my colors shine!


Beautiful card today, Jaydee. I love the lily. Your pictures are always fantastic. Nature is amazing to watch. Wow! How your backyard has grown over the two years and really filled in. No wonder Lou said it feels like a hideaway and I'm sure that's why the animals and birds stay close by. Have a wonderful day.


Simple; but yet a Beautiful card. Like the splash of color in center of card up against all the white space.
With a change of flower to poinsettia and changing to simple sentiment; would make for a easy and beautiful card for Christmas or card made for any occasion really just by changing sentiment and flower. Gorgeous card Jaydee.
Amazing after looking back a couple years how things change and just wait till next year and years after that all the wildlife that will be visiting. Usually after the 3rd year when things are planted is when plants really start to take off. It's great seeing the 'before' and after.
Purdy Bird it is but too bad it's drilling holes into one of your favorite trees.
Jaydee; with the view you have there I am surprised that you manage to get any work done. I think if it where me; I would pull out a cot or hammock onto your screened in porch and just sleep out there. Sometime you may have to try and record them bird sounds when they're busy chirping away.
Have a great week.

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, it is fabulous that you did something different with these colors. I love that beautiful lily! Altenew stamps are so gorgeous! Love the framing and all the white space!
Your view is breathtaking! I would want to sit outside all the time! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week, My Friend! XX

Nance Leedy

What a beautiful way to use these colors Jaydee! Love how all the white space makes these fall colors look fresh and airy. Beautiful stamping and I love the framed sentiment. Gorgeous card!


This is so simple and beautiful, Jaydee. I love that gorgeous lily, it looks great stamped up in these colors. And yes I am a bit out of control with Altenew stamps these days too! Wow, your landscape looks so lush and gorgeous. How gratifying to look at old photos and see how far you've come.

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