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Hi Everyone.

Happy Saturday.  I hope you are all having a great weekend.

It's the fabulous LeAnne's turn to host our Paper Players challenge this week and she has a great color challenge for us.

Lovely autumn colors and perfect for this time of the year in our woodland.  We have a couple of maples that have gone a gorgeous red - the ash trees are turning yellow and some of the trees are still green.    So.... even though I really felt like creating a card with fall colors, I decided to do something totally different :-)

I received a new set from Altenew (yep... my new crush - and I think they are Sandy's, too!  I layered the stamp with the colors equivalent to Crushed Curry and Cajun Craze and it created this lovely lily.  I then die cut the lily and used two shades of green - Pear Pizazz and one just a little darker - for the leaves.

I used a pair of nesting dies to create a frame and used it as a template - along with my MISTI - so that I could see where I needed to stamp the sentiment.  I used a sentiment from the same set and stamped it in Cajun Craze.  I then cut some foam tape and mounted the frame onto the card.  I then arranged the die-cut flower and leaves and adhered them with dimensionals.   Quick and easy.  The hardest part of this card was getting the frame into the middle of the card without being skew!

Here's my card:

Pp311 (1 of 1)

I had to take the photo of the card close to 6pm - so it had some shading behind the flower when I photographed it.  I might try taking another photo tomorrow.  However, I love the clean lines and that lovely flower.

I hope you will join us this week and, as usual, if you are looking for some inspiration, you have to look no further than our amazing design team:

On a personal note:

I might have been on vacation this week, but I seem to have had so little time to do anything!  I did spend some time taking some on-line coloring classes and that took up much more time than I had anticipated - but they were so worth it!  I'll share some before and after photos with you later this week.

On Wednesday night I spent about an hour just sitting under the deck doing nothing other than just looking at the birds.  Generally when I am out there late in the afternoon I am doing something - catching up with email, etc.  However, there were so many birds flitting around and making lots of noise that I decided to just sit and watch.  It was amazing what I saw.   5 new bird species that we haven't seen in the garden before including a couple of immature Evening Grosbeaks, a flock of about 12-14 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - many of them immature and a little flock of Red Eyed Vireo.  Sadly, I didn't have my camera but thought I would be able to take photos the next morning.   However, the next morning the garden was quiet.  They had all disappeared including a flock of about 12-14 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - many of them immature and.... all of the Orioles.  Everything except our normal birds and the hummingbirds.   After so much activity, it was strangely quiet.  

I must have just been incredibly lucky to see them all flying south in loosely associated groups.  I was happy that they had been able to use our feeding stations as a place to fill up their stomachs before they went on their way again.  Hopefully, they will come past on their way back North next spring. 

However..... two of the birds that I noticed - that we have never seen before - never mind in our garden - are hanging around.  It took me ages to get a really good look at them and get a photo.  They looked and behaved like woodpeckers, but were much quieter and less visible than our normal guys. They have been hanging around since Wednesday and are still here.  I managed to get a couple of shots of one of them tonight.

Sapsucker (1 of 1)

See... looks like a woodpecker - but not our normal ones!  It took me ages to get a good luck at him and when I did I noticed that he had a red throat -

These things move so fast around the tree that it was almost impossible to capture any decent photos.

Sapsucker throat (1 of 1)

We believe that this is an immature Yellow Bellied Sapsucker and, when you look at the holes that he makes around the tree - it certainly fits with his MO.  Here are the holes they make.

Sapsucker holes (1 of 1)

It's always so gratifying when we find that we have attracted yet more new birds to our little neck of the woods.  They are welcome to stay - although I hope they move to another tree, as I happen to be very fond of this particular one!

I was cleaning out space on my iMac this week as I had so many photos that I was running out of disk space.  When I was cleaning up I noticed that I had a photograph from June 2014.  Take a look at this shot from our deck in June 2014.

Before riverbirch 2016 (1 of 1)

Keep your eye on the feeder on the right hand side of the screen.   See.... no trees - except the poor fir tree.... but see how devoid it is of trees just behind the feeder.   

Let's take a look 1 month later - when we were planting the three river birch and 5 other trees - including maples and ironwoods.  (the ironwoods were saved from destruction in our neighbors yard when they were building their house.... they were marked to be bulldozed and we asked the builder if we could rescue them... I mean... they were 30 year old trees!  Sadly...we were only able to save two of the 7 - otherwise we would have taken all the ones that were earmarked.   Luckily, our tree guy Jim was putting in the River Birch the same day as the other tree guy was chopping the ones down on the neighboring lot!  So, he was able to spade them out of their location - and relocate them in our garden.

So... here's the shot 1 month later than the one above - and before the maples and iron woods had been put into place.

Before riverbirch 2016 (1 of 1)-2

Certainly a difference - but you can see the gaps behind the feeder - and you can certainly see how there is almost no prairie planting yet.

Here we are a month later - when most of the trees have been planted - we added another couple of maples after this.

After river birch July 2014 (1 of 1)

A huge improvement - and even small amounts of prairie planting coming in.    I was so surprised when I saw these photos during my clean up - because this is what we are looking at now

What a difference just two years make.  Check this out!

After river birch 2016 (1 of 1)

See how everything has come in and how the area has filled up behind the feeder - and my.... how those River Birch have grown!  If you look at the feeder - which has not moved position in the two years - you can really see how much that area has grown in.  Lou walked around the middle of where we had planted all of the trees this week and said it felt like a veritable woodland hideaway.  No wonder the birds and wildlife have adopted the areas :-)

I'll be back tomorrow with another card and some more photographs.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight - including Tinkerbell.



card recipe:

  • Cardstock:  Neenah Solar White
  • Stamps: Layered Lily Stamp and Die Bundle - Altenew
  • Inks:  Altenew:  Summer Afternoon mini cube ink set


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This is so simple and beautiful, Jaydee. I love that gorgeous lily, it looks great stamped up in these colors. And yes I am a bit out of control with Altenew stamps these days too! Wow, your landscape looks so lush and gorgeous. How gratifying to look at old photos and see how far you've come.

Nance Leedy

What a beautiful way to use these colors Jaydee! Love how all the white space makes these fall colors look fresh and airy. Beautiful stamping and I love the framed sentiment. Gorgeous card!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, it is fabulous that you did something different with these colors. I love that beautiful lily! Altenew stamps are so gorgeous! Love the framing and all the white space!
Your view is breathtaking! I would want to sit outside all the time! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week, My Friend! XX


Simple; but yet a Beautiful card. Like the splash of color in center of card up against all the white space.
With a change of flower to poinsettia and changing to simple sentiment; would make for a easy and beautiful card for Christmas or card made for any occasion really just by changing sentiment and flower. Gorgeous card Jaydee.
Amazing after looking back a couple years how things change and just wait till next year and years after that all the wildlife that will be visiting. Usually after the 3rd year when things are planted is when plants really start to take off. It's great seeing the 'before' and after.
Purdy Bird it is but too bad it's drilling holes into one of your favorite trees.
Jaydee; with the view you have there I am surprised that you manage to get any work done. I think if it where me; I would pull out a cot or hammock onto your screened in porch and just sleep out there. Sometime you may have to try and record them bird sounds when they're busy chirping away.
Have a great week.

Hilda Burton

Beautiful card today, Jaydee. I love the lily. Your pictures are always fantastic. Nature is amazing to watch. Wow! How your backyard has grown over the two years and really filled in. No wonder Lou said it feels like a hideaway and I'm sure that's why the animals and birds stay close by. Have a wonderful day.


What a beautiful floral image incorporating my colors....and that sentiment is just delightful, especially framed the way you did it! And yes, as soon as I saw your bird, I was pretty sure it was a yellow-bellied sapsucker! They did the same thing to my poor dying maple last year! They are fun to watch though! And thanks for making my colors shine!


I love all the white..it really makes the bloom just pop. Beautiful card:) Love all your photos....what a gorgeous yard and pretty view!

Linda Callahan

That flower is gorgeous.....and so is your yard! Love seeing it grow!

Colleen Begley

Beautiful yard and bird pics, as usual. Also as usual, a beautiful card. Love the framed sentiment in the middle. Keeping it in my mind to try.

Joanne James

Lilies are my favourite flower - and yours is stunning Jaydee! Love it against the crisp white background. As for your garden - how do you get anything done? I would just want to sit and watch the wildlife the whole day long. Love those before and after photos!

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