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Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.

Quick post for you today.  I saw this great color combo across at Just Us Girls this week and knew that I had to play along.  I tend not to put strong colors together and knew that it would be a challenge for me to try to incorporate them all and not go overboard on one particular color.  Which is my normal way of trying to handle color challenges that take me out of my comfort zone.  When I see black, red and yellow together I always think of Mondrian and the Mary Quant Mondrian boots, or Yves St Laurent's Mondrian dress.  Anyone remember that?  Uber cool I can tell you - and yes... .I do remember them, very well!  Anyway, I totally digress.  

Here's the fabulous Nancy's color challenge at JUGS this week

I took up Nancy's "offer" to use a neutral with my card and paired the red, black and yellow with white.  I pulled out my new favorite Poppy stamp - but just like the Mondrian inspired boots and dress, I wanted to keep it really clean and simple and allow the eye to focus on a few key elements, being the colors.
Here's my card:
Poppygirls (1 of 1)
I love the simple outline of the flower and carried the red and black to the base of my card as well.  I love this sentiment, which comes from Altenew as well.   I know the JUGS team will really appreciate it if you play along with their color challenge this week and if you are looking for some amazing inspiration - just check out the design team cards.
On a personal note:
Oh... today was a glorious day weather wise.   Mid 70's.  Low humidity.  Almost no wind.  Perfection.  I'm sitting out under the deck as I write this blog post and am not envying Colleen and here 100 degree temperatures!  We had more than our fair share of them this year and am not sorry to see the back of them! :-)  So, Colleen, I would send you some cooler weather if I could :-)
Want to see what has been visiting the feeder?
Anyone know what this guy is?  You know what.... I think I will offer up some blog candy - how about a brand new, never used, stamp set for the first person who guesses correctly? 
Juvenile redheaded (1 of 1)
I can tell you that Mommy and Daddy of this particular species managed to get at least two babies to juvenile status and, considering how rare they are - we were thrilled when we realized there were two babies at the feeder!
We had a flock of juvenile Redbreasted Grosbeaks come through and use us as a feeding stop for one night.  There must have been about 10-12 of them.  It was fabulous to see:
Juvenile grosbeaks (1 of 1)
When I was out and about, I managed to capture a great shot of our Buddha statue surrounded by flowers.   It's the first year he has had any growth around him and he looked so serene nestled among the flowers underneath the trees.
Buddhanestled (1 of 1)
That's it from me for tonight.  I'll be back with another card tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight - and an extra sprinkle of fairy dust for Tinkerbell.


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What a different but yet a lovely color combination. Jaydee, you nailed it perfectly. Your card is Awesome. Color combination I'm going have to give a shot at.

My guess; a young Sapsucker...........maybe
Expecting high temperatures for all week and maybe a cool front coming in on Sat. The humidity is something else.
Enjoy your day


I love your simple card with the great color combo. Great job. I'd say some kind of woodpecker but have no idea.

Nancy Leppek

Your card is beautiful Jaydee! The vertical red and black down the side with a pop of yellow is a nice way to showcase our colors. Thanks for playing along with JUGS!

Lucille Kearin

Beautiful card, love the simplicity of it. I do not know what bird this is, but would love to know :)


Curious to know what kind of bird that is in your first photo

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