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Pineapples for Just Us Girls Challenge #364

 Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday.

This is my second challenge as the guest designer with the fabulous Just Us Girls team.  I am so enjoying my time as the GD :-)

The challenge this week is a theme challenge and it's a theme challenge:

Pineapples are really on trend and I love pineapples.   However.......... it's a word that runs shivers down my spine.  Now, I can hear you asking... why on earth would the word PINEAPPLE send shivers down Jaydee's spine.  Really, easy.  For some inexplicable reason I am deathly allergic to pineapple.  Yes, I have to carry a specific medicinal pen in case I inadvertently ingest pineapple!    Can you believe that?  Yep.  the whole swollen tongue.  Swollen throat. the whole thing.  Ridiculous :-)   However, they are a beautiful looking fruit and I love that they symbolize welcome :-)
I - for good reason - don't have a pineapple stamp!  So, I had to go and find a digital pineapple stamp.  I used it as a background stamp and then die-cut the sentiment from an Altenew die into the center.
Here's my card:


Jugs364pineapples (1 of 1)-2

I die cut the "happy" sentiment several times from white card stock and then piled them on top of each other and topped it with the pineapple cut sentiment.  I was very happy with the finished item - so long as I don't have to eat it :-)

I hope you will join the Just Us Girls team and play along this week.  If you are looking for some inspiration, you have to look no further than the fabulous cards from the design team.

On a personal note:

Well.   It is official.  My blog readers are amazing!  So many of you recognized the particular bird in this post as a sparrow - and many of you got it identified correctly as a Whitethroated Sparrow.They really are amazing little birds and we are so pleased that they have decided to make their home with us. As so many of you had identified it correctly - I put the names into a little bowl - all rolled up - and then asked Lou to choose a piece of paper.

Who is the lucky winner of the blog candy for correctly identifying this particular sparrow?   Pat J.   Pat, please would you send me your snail mail address and I will get your blog candy off into the post for you.

I love that you love these guessing games and I promise there is another one on the horizon.  Although... because you are such a smart bunch - I might have to make it just a little harder for you :-)

The colors have been so spotty this year.  So many of the leaves seemed to have dropped without even changing color - however, there are a couple of trees that are keeping to their schedule - and I love to see it:

Trees (1 of 1)

I had to share this photo of the Whitethroated Sparrow with you...... sometimes I captured a shot and I am thrilled.   Sometimes I captured a shot of a bird a milisecpnd after it has left its perch.  However, it is VERY rare that I catch a shot quite like this!!!!!

Ladies - I introduce you to Twiggy the Whitethroated :-)

Huh (1 of 1)

Seriously... who knew that a Whitethroated had such LONG legs!   I am in LOVE with this shot :-)

I'll be back with my Paper Players card tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.  Tinkerbell... so glad you are feeling better :-)






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You Be the Pineapple . . .
Stand Tall
Wear a Crown
And continue being sweet
on the Inside.

Maria Levine

Oh I'm so sorry you have that allergy :-( But your card is fantastic!! Nicely done.

Jeanne H

Cute card! Sorry about the allergy. Gotta say what, a harder challenge? I remember the difficult one about what your countertop was made from! tee hee


Pineapples - that was a hard one for me to. Lucky I had started my card at my girly day out otherwise I had a digi picked to use and I hate colouring in them. I found out at Christmas time I was allergic to shell fish. My son in law bought some yummy crayfish. You know the rest.
Such cute little pineapples and such a great way to use them. A 'Sweet' Birthday card Jaydee.

Lisa Kind

Such a shame that you are allergic to the pineapple! It's such a delicious fruit. But you captured the essence of the pineapple in your lovely card! So happy to have you join us this month at JUGs!


You worked out the lack of pineapple stamps beautifully, Jaydee. I have never done digital and don't know if I know how. It's been great having you as a guest and we appreciate your talent.

Sue VanDeVusse

Now I feel guilty choosing Pineapples as our Trend :( But, on another note your card is absolutely adorable with all of those cute little pineapples scattered around. Love the stacked sentiment, too.

Judy Woodland

Oh my goodness, that's quite an allergy. I can identify though, my 2 grandsons have very severe food allergies to wheat, nuts, dairy and eggs. They have the same reaction you do..life threatening. But I love your card, amazing how you used that digi as a background. I'm not sure I can figure out how you did it. It's just beautiful!!

Nancy Leppek

What on earth are the chances that the Girls over at JUGS select a trend that you happen to be allergic to. I couldn't believe it when I read it! I love your inky pineapples! Such a cute card! You are killing these challenges! HUGS!

vicki dutcher

Love the teeny tiny pineapples!


Cute card, Jaydee! I love the pineapple trend right now. Sorry to hear about your allergy, but at least you can enjoy inky pineapples!


Beautiful card Jaydee and great take on the challenge word. Like the 'stitching'.
Totally sucks that you can't eat pineapple. It's such a delicious fruit but then I know of someone who can't eat strawberries.
Congratulations to Pat on the win. I think your photo here of the Sparrow took a flying leap in congratulating Pat. Great shot by the way.
Love the changing of the leaves. 'Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn' Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower.
Have a wonderful day along with an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Oh, you as well Lou. You both take care

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