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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone.   From our home to yours - a very happy Thanksgiving.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 12.11.15 PM
Lou and I hope that you all have a wonderful day surrounded by the love and warmth of your family and friends.  Let us all give thanks for the farmers, growers and pickers who help to keep our tables provided with food throughout the year.   It is also a good time to give thanks to all those people who make our lives a little better.
As Lou and I are both vegetarians - I couldn't help but share this little piece of vegetarian humor.
Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 12.15.06 PM
I'll be back tomorrow with a card and some more photos.  In the meantime, warm hugs, many thanks and prayers for those of you who need a little lift today.
note:  sadly, I am unable to find the true source of the great photos, so am unable to give credit to those who created these wonderful images!


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Wishing both you and Lou a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with everything you love - good food, great family and friends, warm purrs from your felines, and lots of animals visiting your wetlands. Thanks for making my days so much brighter.

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