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17 December 2016


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Love these stunning cards and pictures of the birds and decorations. I've been missing you on these busy days. Things will slow down soon. Have a Happy Week!


I am partial to the purple and silver too, but I also like the other!! Love the chickedee!!! And the woodpecker too. Merry Christmas, Jaydee!!!

Evelyn B

Your cards are lovely! The purple one is very unique. Your winter weather is amazing. We are at -10 this morning in Kansas so we know that winter has finally hit and we have just a bit of snow - nothing like what you have at your house!! Stay warm.


Oh, my Jaydee, your cards are stunning. Especially like the purple / silver card. I see more and more of that color combination down here along with purple and gold. Another color combination that I have seen was, peach and teal which I must say was very pretty together; just has to be the right shades is all.
Love seeing your outdoor decorations along with your feathered birdies.

Well, winter has hit us. That cold front has moved our way. Yesterday (Saturday) morning it was in the 70's, wear shorts and short sleeve shirt and by 3pm I was putting on sweat pants and long sleeve flannel shirt. Temperature has dropped into the 20's with the wind blowing like crazy. What a difference a few hours make.
Today; a high of 41. Not used to the cold temperatures. Come on Spring!
Everyone in this artic cold blast; stay warm and if on the roads; Do Be Careful.
Have an enjoyable day Jaydee. You too Lou and do stay warm.

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