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22 January 2017


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Deanne @ Three Trees

LOVE!!!! I just got this stamp set in the mail and can't wait to use it! Your shading is perfect!


Wow this card is breathtaking! I'm so in love with it. It might have taken you real long to get this done but the result is absolutely worth every effort.

Bev Gerard / TexasGrammy

This is absolutely fabulous, Jaydee!
Love the design, love the image, and the colors are perfect!

sharon wheet

Oh my goodness, what an incredibly gorgeous card! I just love the shading you did on both the leaves and blossom. I really love the fading effect on leaves. Very classy, very chic! And from the looks at your weather, this card must have brought a smile to your face, and a warmth in your heart! Because it did for me!
thank you so much for letting us in on your creative process. Stay warm, and keep creating!


Stunning card and well worth the time and effort you spent on it. Just a lovely sweetness and softness about your card. Love peonies but not able to grow them here in Texas. :{
What a handsome looking buck he is indeed. Thanks 4 sharing.
Have a wonderful day along with enjoyable evening

Linda Rodgers

Oh, I can smell that peony, it's so gorgeous.
And wow, what a magnificent animal. I loved your photo yesterday of the ten deer at your feeders and was tickled by the story of them watching for Lou to take out the food. Showing a friend the photo, I had, once again, an opportunity to tell the story that I love of our family raising a very young fawn when I was just 6. It successfully returned to the wild, but we did see it a couple of times after that. It was a highlight of my childhood. Thanks for the memories!

Ann Ricks

Stunning card! I love it. And your photos always inspire me to get out in nature more!


This card is simply stunning, Jaydee! The soft colors are amazing and I love how you use that Studio Katia frame. Delicate and beautiful card! Like your visitor, handsome :)

Doris D.

You have outdone yourself on this one. The card is magnificent. The shading and coloring on the flower is gorgeous. And I love the shape of the paper. Thanks for another amazing card. The buck is regal. I know you enjoy his visits.


Although it's been said, many times, your card is simply stunning. It is so beautiful it took my breath away. Lucky person, whoever is lucky enough to receive it! You are quite simply, an artist. Lovely photo of the buck - it must fill up your soul to watch the wildlife. Just beautiful.


Jaydee I couldn't wait to comment on this card and learn the details, it is just stunning! Your stenciling is superb and the added detail of the colored pencils makes such a difference. What a majestic buck, and awesome photograph you have of him. It seems you live in a magical place :)

Nance Leedy

OK, I don't know what to comment on first....your STUNNING card or your MAJESTIC buck. WOW, he is just as stunning as this card. Seriously I love this card, Jaydee. Your shading and coloring of the leaves and flower is masterful. Gorgeous CAS card, my friend. ANd, thank you for your kind words about the PP blog--so glad you like it! ((Hugs))


I agree, I love the badges Nance makes! Your card is REALLY pretty....those soft hues are gorgeous, and I love the pop of black sentiment. It's been foggy up here too, and the snow is melting fast. Makes it easier to go for a walk outside anyway! Have a great week!


Well, you time spent on this card was well worth it. It is simple gorgeous. Had to stop by to see how you created it. And no wonder you were staring out your window...

Joanne James

Well Jaydee, you produce some amazing floral cards at the best of times but this one is absolutely stunning! The detail on the colouring and softness of the stencilling and blending is truly reminiscent of the blousy pale pink peonies in my Mum's garden. Well worth the hour or so it took you to produce! A great card for a fun challenge this week!

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