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Big Bold Butterfly for Paper Players #326

Paperdolls for Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Hi Everyone

Happy Friday.  I am SO pleased it is the weekend and that I have a couple of days to switch off from the madness at work and just chill.... considering it's been -25.... chill is the operative word!

I wanted to share some more cards that I made for the kids.  I found some stamps from Julie Nutting that reminded me of the old paper dolls that I used to play with as a kid.  "Back in the day".... like 5 decades ago... I used to get "Bunty" magazine as a treat.  I always looked forward to them as there were dolls on the back page that you could cut out and they came with different outfits you could "dress" them in.  I cannot tell you how many hours I spent with those little paper dolls!    Saturday morning was "my" morning.  I would go off to our local newsagent, pick up Bunty.  Go home and do some chores and then I was allowed to read and play!

These Julie Nutting stamps reminded me of the paper dolls and I couldn't resist buying a couple of use for the kids cards.  I didn't photograph all of them - just a couple so that you could get the idea.  Once again, the images were versatile enough that I could change out skin colors and different combos of colors for the clothing.

Here's the first set.  For this set of cards I paper pieced the dresses and paired them with complementary background DSP:

Julie girls2 (1 of 1)

Love them!!!

For the second set, I went in a different direction.  I hand colored the dresses and paired them with matching bases in bright, wonderful, rich colors.

Julie girls (1 of 1)

I know you can't see it - but there is shimmer and shine on the shoes, the heart belts and the headbands.  I really had such fun creating these cards - and the trip down memory lane.

If you are feeling too warm and feeling a yearn for something cold... how about a photo of our deck after the last snowfall.....

Snowfall (1 of 1)

I never get tired of seeing the snow - especially over the wetland.  I know I am going to be SO over it in about a month... but I am still enjoying it for now.

I also love coming into the house and seeing the bare trees with the snowfall framed by the rich red curtains.

Trees thru the window (1 of 1)

I went in a totally different direction for the mantle this year.  I went with a magnolia leaf centerpiece flanked and framed by antique bells and the candles.  

Mantle (1 of 1)

I'll be back with another card and some more photos tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.



  • Stamps:  Julie Nutting
  • Inks:  Altenew and Copic


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I too so loved paper dolls. I could play with them for hours. As I got older, I would design and cut new clothes for them.
Your home looks lovely and I especially like how the trees are framed by your window.

Pat S

Love the way you used the dolls on a card. I have quite a few of Julia's stamp and will try using them this way. Love the photos, as always

Doris D.

How clever to make paper doll cards. So sweet. We in Yorktown, Virginia have what they call blizzard conditions today. We have 7 inches of snow so far and it is still coming down. Unheard of for VA.
I love your mantel and the bells. So pretty.


I was never a girly girl and thought paper dolls was a waste of my time. I'd rather be reading or doing something at my desk. Isn't it funny to think back on how different things happened to each of us. Love your cards, especially that you changed out the skin color in each set. So pretty and thoughtful. Love the pictures. Stay warm and safe out on the roads.


Love your cards and Oh, how I remember playing with baby dolls.
Having 3 brothers I grew up being a tom boy, but I still played with baby dolls along with my little brother; not often, but did spend some time playing with 'girly' stuff.
Your coloring is gorgeous; something that I never did like to do, so what did my husband do, was to get me a new stamp that requires A lot of coloring. :{ I told him that I will stamp it and He can do the coloring.
We received an artic blast of cold temperatures. Right now it's 17 deg. I know; not as cold as it is your way but for us Texans, It's cold. Even had a few; very few snow flurries yesterday.
Love seeing your snow pictures and the view from your window..............Absolutely Stunning. What a gorgeous view. Thanks for sharing.
Love your mantel as well; especially them antique bells. Do they actually ring?
Have a great day and wonderful weekend. Stay warm and cozy.

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