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07 March 2017


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donna mikasa

Wonderful take on the sketch--that is one handsome rooster!
And much luck with your future endeavors

Stef Perry

Oh, Jaydee, I just read this post and feel so bad for you...but yet so happy for you! Yes, not having a job will be stressful because you've been a dedicated employee for 30 some years, and not having income for a time will be rough, but you will be FREE. I so hope you released a big sigh of relief after you told your manager. I finally decided to not postpone my retirement one more year because I was sick of the stress that the job brought along with that nice paycheck. I know you're too young to retire, but follow your heart and you'll find your place.


Linda McCullugh

It amasses me when corporate lets a over 40 employee go and has to hire 2, 25 year olds to do what over 40 did. Happening to a friend now, and the kicker, they want her to train her replacement!! Good luck in your next chapter. Stay strong. Sending hugs and prayers.

Karen L.

I am sorry about the "cold" personnel that you are working for........they do not realize the "asset" they have in hard working employees, such as yourself. Like many have said before......when one door closes another opens. You will find another job & hope it will be an exciting one. It is not always the money that makes a job interesting but the job itself, the people & the end result. I know you have worked way too many hours in one day lately & not have a good feeling at the end of those hours. Enjoy your respite, enjoy your darling, Lou, & your four-legged family. Time is way too short......every hour should be a blessing. Keep up the crafting.....enjoy checking in on your blog.

Jeanne H

My heart goes out to you, however, you sound strong. Hope you can stay that way and find peace. Know that your cyber friends care. Especially me.

Sally Davis

Your attitude sounds very healthy. I admire your tenacity and ability to move on. I believe we all need to take care of ourselves and do what is best for ourselves. No one knows what the future holds but you are open to whatever that is. You will survive and be better off without this burden that has been holding you down. Enjoy your beautiful home and your time to regroup. I am proud of you. Can't wait to hear what comes next.


What a shame that corporate America does not appreciate the employees who are so dedicated.

You will be rewarded for those many years of dedication.

Your future employer will have a one of a kind very special employee.

Enjoy your time off--crafting is a wonderful way to forget the daily problems we deal with!

Thinking and praying for you.


The old saying everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this! I was forced to
Leave my job due to on job injury. (No million $ settlement either.). Although my injuries
Left me disabled and forever in pain, God has blessed me.
My advice to you Jayden, is to enjoy each day your away from a thankless job is to make each day an
adventure. Start a new career, enjoy your time with Lou and your beautiful home.
Count your blessings and be happy.
Thoughts and prayers to you if "you need a little lift tonight".

Gerri K

I experienced losing my job after 24 years with the same company. They moved my job out of state and rather than follow them, I resigned. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I got another job with half the pay but also half the stress. It was so worth it. I think you will find this is a good thing that happened to you. Relax, enjoy your time off. Life is too short to spend it working all the time. Good luck to you!

BJ Green

We are promised Shalom, peace, prosperity and wellness, thru our Lord. Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world. I look forward to hearing the wonderful adventure you will have. God Bless and enjoy the time to re-group. BJ Green


I'm so sorry that you have to go thru this but remember that when one door closes another opens. You'll find the right place to be and will be happier. Best wishes and enjoy your time off.

Linda R

I'm so sorry that you finished your lengthy time with that company dealing with such a jerk. Ridiculous! I hope that you have much enjoyment and relaxation during your respite and that you find a wonderful way to spend your remaining working years. You deserve it!


Good for you. Your employers don't deserve hardworking, loyal staff and then kick them in the teeth in order to save money. Shame on them!
I'm sure something much better is around the corner for you, good luck but most of all, be happy. Life's too short.

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