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Hey Chickie for Paper Players #337

Welcome Baby for Paper Players #336

Hi Everyone.  Happy Sunday.

I really hope you are all having a great weekend.

It's the fabulous Joanne's turn to host our Paper Players challenge this week and she has a fabulous CAS challenge for us - and...I have to give a shout out to Nance's amazing badge :-)

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 6.51.36 PM


Isn't that badge so adorable?

I decided to use a non-baby card stamp image to create my baby card because I was so inspired by the fab stamp.  I mean... why not?  It's my card and I can do what I want to.. do what I want to... do what I want to..... you would if it happened to you!   OK for those of you of MY generation - you will recognize this as a parody of  "It's my party and I can cry if I want to" by Lesley Gore - way back in 1963.  Now... how on earth did I get down that rabbit hole! :-)

Oh yes.... back to where I was - I used a non-baby image and decided to make a unisex card with yellow polka dot paper on the base.   I used my pencils to color in the birds, popped up the panel - and was ready to go:

Ppbaby (1 of 1)-2

I just love this image and really think that it works for a baby card and.. I had fabulous fun coloring it!

I do hope you play along with us this week and, if you are looking for some inspiration, you have to look no further than our amazing design team:

On a personal note:

I heard some more Sandhill Crane's flying in today.   I REALLY do love their amazing sound.  I think they are a little early - but they are ALWAYS welcome in our neck of the woods.  I do hope we have some in the garden again this year.  It's not too long before the Orioles and the Hummingbirds start to arrive - well... a couple of months - but I am so ready to see their bright colors flitting around the feeders on the deck.   We are also looking forward to the flowers starting to make their appearance in the front garden.  I am hoping that the Prairie Smoke make an appearance this weekend.  They are usually the first to appear.

Thats all for now.  Warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.




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I love your card, Jaydee--the yellow polka dot layer is so nice and bright, and the birds are so cute. I like how you colored them. I like coloring too.


Your little birds are adorable, especially the way you colored them! Sweet tweets!

Joanne James

I love your sweet card Jaydee with the pastel polka dot background and your trio of birds which I agree are perfect for a baby card! Love it - oh and yes, I am TOTALLY singing that song now!!!


I see we both had birds on our brain, Jaydee! I love your cute little family, and I bet they were oodles of fun to color. The polka dots are perfect for a baby card too. Have a wonderful, fabulous week my friend!


So clever to use for a baby card...adorable! I love that polka dot background you chose too.

Have a great week Jaydee!


Jaydee, I'm a bit; (A lot) embarrassed for being away for so long but haven't forgotten about you. With nice weather that we are having I have been spending more and more time outside. For the first day of Spring yesterday we hit record high of 91 deg. so was busy planting 8 pepper plants along with some sweet baby finger carrots. Today; strawberry planting; adding some that didn't come up from last year.(Oh, already picked the 1st 2 strawberries last week.
Onto your card.
What a wonderful stamp and makes for a really cute card. (my kind f stamp; not much coloring)
Oh, I do remember them words to that song. Very popular song back in the good ole days.
Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week.. . . Goes for you as well Lou
Have a great evening.

Nance Leedy

Oh I love this, Jaydee! The yellow polka dot base is perfect to highlight your amazing birdies. Love their colorful plumage and they are perfect for your sweet baby card!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, I agree that this is the perfect image for a baby card! "And, baby makes 3!" Love the polka dots and your beautiful coloring!
Those little birds made me smile! I too am singing along! I hope you are having a fabulous week, My Friend! XX

Deanne @ Three Trees

SO cute! Love your little birds and that polka dot paper!!

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