New Day for Paper Players # 348
Layering Bengals

African fun

Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday.

I got the chance to play in my craft room over the last week and had some fun with the new Hero Arts June kit.  Some of you may know that I spent a couple of decades living in Africa, so I was very excited when I saw the previews for this kit.  I am sharing a couple of cards from the kit with you today - and a couple more tomorrow.

As well as the card kit, I ordered a couple of the add-ons.  I ordered the color layering Bengal Tigers set, the Tribal Stripes Bold Print background stamp and the amazing Tribal Shapes Stencil.  Oh... I have had such fun with that stencil.  I think it will go down as my favorite stencil EVER!  Even though the June kit is sold out - you can still find the add-ons and the details are at this link.   I am not getting any payment or recognition for telling you how great this month's set is... I just love it :-)

First card showcases the stencil.  I paired it with a Winnie and Walter sentiment.    I usually send cards to my bestie Pammie, but decided that I really should send her hubby - John - a card occasionally.   So, I created this bright card using the inks that came with the kit.   I noticed that I didn't quite get the stencil straight... or maybe it isn't straight anyway :-)  So, the sentiment looks a little wonky - but I promise it is square to the side and bottom of the card. :-)  John doesn't read my blog, so I know I am safe to share this with you - and Pammie - who does read my blog - won't spill the beans :-)

Herosmiles (1 of 1)

I love the bold, bright colors and the large sentiment works well with it, I think.  This will be going into the post today.

The second card is for our other besties Russ and Rach, who are definitely part of the "coffee culture" group and we share a passion for a really good cup of coffee.  So, I used the Tribal shapes background stamp on a piece of this wonderful shimmer paper that came with the kit.   I stamped the image using black ink onto the shimmery background and it gives this wonderful subtle pattern

Coffeecloseup (1 of 1)

I love the paper - and love the background stamp and can't wait to make some more cards with it.    The coffee sentiment and pot is from Altenew.  Here's my card:

Coffeefriends (1 of 1)

It was really hard to get a decent photo of the card and it's coming out much lighter than it is in real life.  The paper is actually a much richer, deeper color and the coffee pot was embossed using Early Espresso cardstock from SU.

Here's the envelope:

Coffeefriendsenvelope (1 of 1)

 On a personal note:

Well.... we survived the storm of the decade this past weekend.   On Sunday morning we woke up and the skies were dark and ominous.  By 8am it felt more like 5pm on a winter evening.  Lou called out to me just before 9 and said - Jan... look out of the window.   I did... and a green sky in Minnesota is NEVER a good sign.  Here's what it looked like

Greensky (1 of 1)-2

Never a good sign.   I immediately went to my phone to check the weather - read the severe thunderstorm warning and was just calling down to Lou (who was in the kitchen) to let him know that a massive storm, with 60 mph winds and ping pong ball sized hail was on its way.   I hadn't gotten through the sentence when suddenly the storm hit.     I cannot tell you what it sounded like.  it was absolutely intense and sent the cats scattering and down into the basement.  the only one who didn't go was Charlie.  he was torn between wanting to run and hide and not leave me.  Consequently, he was crouched on the carpet absolutely catatonic.  He seemed unable to move or function.  He was just frozen with a terrified look on his face.   Poor thing.

The winds were sending the hailstones almost straight line from the west.   It was the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life.  When the hailstones hit the windows they set off the burglar alarm.  So the alarm was beeping every couple of seconds.  The only thing that saved us from broken windows was the screens that we had put on the windows to stop the birds from flying into them.  When we put the screening on, we were told they would stop a rottweiler.  Well, they sure saved our windows!

Within 20 minutes it was mostly over and we went to survey the damage.   We were very lucky.   We didn't lose any trees, but all the plants in the garden were decimated.  Our downpipes look as though they were shot with multiple rounds of very large musket balls and we are waiting to see what damage occurred to the roof.    Some of our neighbors were not as lucky.  those neighbors that had vinyl siding found themselves having to replace all their siding - it was completely shredded.   Cars and other vehicles that were outside are severely damaged, windows broken, RV's flooded and many, many trees down around the neighborhood.  You realize the force of Mother Nature and we are so thankful.

The one thing I was concerned about was the birds and the animals.  How they survived I don't know - but we kept an eye out to make sure they were all coming back to the feeder.

Here's a look at one of our new jelly visitors - the Robin:

Robin (1 of 1)-2

These little guys visit the feeder so often that we call them the Sugarpeckers :-)

Sugarpecker (1 of 1)

I'll be back with some more cards and photos tomorrow.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.