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15 October 2017


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Nancy Lempinen

Adorable Owl card and love all your garden beauties!


Your owl card is perfect for this challenge...and I love those eyes!!! Awesome photo's too!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, this owl is just perfect for "Fright Night"! I love those eyes and the glitter! You moon looks perfect to me!
Thanks for sharing your garden with all of us! It is so beautiful and that sunset is breathtaking! I couldn't agree more about nature. God's gift to all of us! Big Hugs, My Friend! Have a wonderful week! XX


Beautiful card, Jaydee! Love the pictures of your property. So pretty and that sunset is stunning!! Enjoy your day!

Kelly W.

Hi Jaydee! Your card is fabulous! I love this stamped image, perfect for Halloween! The yellow circle behind him really looks like the moon, so clever.

Can I ask what the name of the second flower is? Looks like milkweed pods. I'd love to add that to my garden for the hummers and bees next year! Summer is still holding on however, we have chilly morning temps in the 40's today only. Autumn is knocking on our doors! ; )


Thanks, Nancy :-)


Thanks, Laurie


thanks, Claire


Thanks, HJ


Hi Kelly
you are right.. they are milkweed pods. Here's the link to the wikipedia page for this particular milkweed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepias_tuberosa
It really is beautiful - the orange flowers are just gorgeous. I hope you are able to get some and grow it where you are. If you need seeds, I should be able to get some locally and send them to you.

Marsha Lotze

Hi Jaydee.

Thanks for the beautiful flowers from your yard. They are so gorgeous! Wish I could grow them in the high desert of Apple Valley.

Your cards are also beautiful.


Thanks, Marsha! Yeah... these guys wouldn't do well in your Mojave locale. BUT... you do get some amazing flowers in season and I hope you share some with us sometime. :-)

Marsha Lotze

Hello Again,

We had a couple gorgeous yucca plants in our back yard for one season. Wish I could get them again. Our pool was full to overflowing the first winter from all our rains and I think the water killed the yuccas. They are so beautiful when in bloom throughout the desert.

Thanks Jaydee.


I would run for the hills if I saw a scary owl like that...he's quite impressive! Love your coloring..and glitter!

Jan Clothier

The owl, with his stare and beak, is quite intimidating! He looks all the more striking against the black and I really like the way his circle is off the edge of the page. The photo of the sky is absolutely stunning and has me itching for my sponges - it's a card in the making!

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