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07 January 2018


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Annie Abrahamson

Hi Jaydee! I'm a coffee drinker and rarely drink tea but still LOVE your card and I can see why you're smitten with that paper pack ~ great colors! Have a wonderful weekend!


What a cute story to go with your card!The only tea I drink is unsweetened iced tea, even in the winter. Your hubby will love this card!

Nance Leedy

Oh my I adore this sentInvent and card just as much as I love a cup of strong dark tea too! What a fabulous Punny valentine and perfect for the two of you. Irish Breakfast is one of my favorites too but I do like a good cup of earl grey also—that’s about as flavored as I get, LOL. Fabulous card my friend!

Joanne James

What gorgeous papers for your punny teacup card Jaydee and such an unusual punky sentiment, I love it! I'm with you on the tea front - I do like the tiniest spot of milk, but the stronger the better- so that the spoon can stand up in it, as the saying goes! Your easel sounds like fun - I have long coveted one of those! Hugs, Joanne xx


ah.... my father used to call a cup of tea where you could see the bottom of the cup "fornight tea". Meaning it was two weak :-) funny guy! thanks for making me laugh about justifying my latest purchase. :-)


Thanks, Sandy. :-) Black tea rules :-)


Hi there! Lovely card - very punny! I never think to stamp on patterned paper but may have been convinced because it is absolutely perfect for what you did.
I used to drink tea all the time but for some reason I have gotten out of the routine-perhaps that should be my new year’s resolution... but I too need to see the bottom of the cup; no strong black for me! I have managed to convert my daughter into an Earl Grey drinker, although we miss teavana.
I read of your new addition to your craft room and love the fact that our age we can justify the purchase of something that improves our colouring!!!!


Jaydee, what fun it was to read the story about your card. I'm a tea drinker too, and I'm with you - I like black tea. Your card is just fabulous and your tea loving husband will love it!


Claire, thanks! i will take a photo of my easel for you. I used it this weekend for coloring and sketching - what a difference it made for me. I'll send a photo and the details along


Jan, it definitely must have been the English roots.... somehow it sticks with you. One of the things I like about flying British Airways is that the tea is actually drinkable :-)


Thanks, Kelly :-) Oh.... and if you fell in love with the stronger brew of the tea you drank in Ireland, I have some good suggestions for you. Also... always use leaves and never teabags. Couple of teas that I particularly love: Irish Breakfast (what I drink everyday) from Adagio Teas. Adagio.com they have just released a Scottish breakfast, which I think I might have to try! They also have an English breakfast (not as strong as the Irish) and a decent Assam. If you send me your address via email - I'll send you along a sample.

Kelly W.

Your card is just perfection Jaydee! Love this great design and colors used, perfect to give to your special Valentine!

I have a new fondness for tea after traveling to Ireland last year. It's just not the same here however, so I've drifted back to coffee. I really should experiment a little more and try to find some good breakfast tea.

Jan Clothier

Jaydee, I grew up in a home where no meal was complete without a big pot of very strong gumboot tea on the table: the stronger the better. I guess it came from my grandparents' English childhoods. These days, I'm a coffee drinker but do enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, served so you see the bottom of the cup, preferable in a bone china cup. I love the paper you've used - it's as opulent and exotic as oolong itself. This is a stylish, elegant card.

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, loved reading about all your different teas! This cup is perfect for your Honey! Love the little hearts and the fun sentiment! I agree, that paper pack is awesome! Would love to see a picture of your easel. Maybe I need one of those. LOL! I just keep adding more stuff to my room! Have a wonderful week, My Friend! XX

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