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Hi Everyone.  Happy Saturday.

It's the fabulous Nance's turn to host our Paper Players challenge this week - and it's a clean and simple challenge.

Well, I think when you look at my card you will see that I was very inspired by the challenge tile.  I decided to make a shaker card using my Papertrey Ink Feather Finery set.   I die-cut the front panel, backed it with acetate and added some wonderful gold and silver stars.  What a great way to celebrate a big birthday!

Here's a closeup of the negative space filled with silver and gold stars:

Feather Finery shaker closeup (1 of 1)

The Stampin' Up! strip foam is perfect for making shaker cards.  It has just the right amount of height to create a perfect well for shaker elements.

For the outside - which is all you are going to see at this stage :-) - I added nothering other than a sentiment of "congratulations"

Here's my full card:

Congratulations shaker (1 of 1)

I hope you will join us this week.  As usual, if you are looking for some amazing inspiration, you have to look no further than our wonderful design team:

On a personal note:

Some of you may have seen this post - and the photo of this little guy:

LittleRocky (1 of 1)

We caught him/her trying to steal what was left of the jelly and oranges for the Orioles/Woodpeckers/Grosbeaks/Finches/Robins, etc.  However, this little guy was tiny!   What we missed - at first - was the rest of his family.  I promise you, Lou and I sat at our dinette table and watched these guys and it was like watching the the keystone cops!  It was completely and utterly delightful.   We don't encourage them, but they are incredibly astute at finding food - and hungry Mommy's particularly.  They are incredibly intelligent animals and I felt so sorry for this mother.

The little kit that we saw was obviously the runt of the litter but that didn't stop him/her from trying to keep up with the rest of them.  I just wish I had video taped this interaction!

This was the next photo I captured..... I had chased it off the feeder on the east side of the deck - and he ran westward towards the rest of his/her family and climbed the deck rail to join them

Where are they? (1 of 1)

You can see that Mom was only focused on food - and who can blame her!!!  he managed to join them - and then this happened... his/her siblings tried to help:

Need some help? (1 of 1)

Phew... finally... part of the family - sorry the photo got a little grainy!

Finally! (1 of 1)

Now it's time to leave - but not without falling all over each other!

Time to leave  guys! (1 of 1)

Simon Says... follow Mother right through the bird bath!

Simon Says (1 of 1)

Hang on..... I don't move as fast as you lot.. remember... I'm the little guy!

Wait for ME (1 of 1)

No...really... wait for me!!!!

Don't leave me (1 of 1)

No.. really.... don't leave me!  Help!  I'm all alone.. .where are you guys?

HELP! (1 of 1)

Poor little thing was so hesitant.  The rest of his/her family had already exited stage east.... but he quickly caught up and Mom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs!  I know people trap and kill racoons, but I don't get it.  We have lived with them for years.  They have never done anything more than steal the occasional paw full of jelly - and distributed the jelly feeder about 20 feet away... but they are smart, intelligent, mammals, that are pretty amazing mother's with really clean habits.  When we create an environment where they are trapped, is when issues occur.  But they deserve to live in their little environment  - just as much as we do.  Watching this little family episode evolve was like watching the best of gatherings of our family and friends at Christmas and Thanksgiving..... maybe we aren't all as fast as each other; as rich as each other; as smart as each other; as successful as each other; but we are all family - and we support and help each other - and should be grateful for our parents! :-)

On that note.... I will be back later in the week with another card and some more nature shots!  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight - and... reach out and help someone.... you have no idea how much they might appreciate it - even if they don't say it!




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I liked your card and may case. I truly loved the all the pictures you sent. You really must enjoyed all the animals you feed. What a great job you and Lou do for all the animals and birds.


Jan Clothier

I think combining the negative space with a shaker is really clever. I like the colour combo too: black, white and metallics are always sharp and elegant looking.


Gorgeous shaker card, Jaydee! The black and white paper really makes your shiny sequins pop. Love the photos of your mischievous critters, too!

Annie A.

Such an elegant shaker card with those shiny stars! Love the colors! I smiled through your raccoon photos. I have a family of 4 that lives next door in a wooded lot. The little guys crawl up the fence and peek over the top at the dogs. Drives them nuts! I know they do it on purpose LOL! I hope you're having a good week - Hugs, Annie.

Nance Leedy

A shaker card is a brilliant idea for the negative space, Jaydee! Well done. Love the black, gold, and sequins and the layout is just right. Raccoons always make me smile and what fun you had watching this little family!

Joanne James

I love a good shaker Jaydee and this sparkly feather creation is fabulous! Those raccoons ate just adorable - sometimes nature can be so entertaining!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, this is gorgeous! I love the shaker element for your use of negative space! Those shiny stars made me smile! That background paper is fabulous! Your furry friends look so happy in your yard. I always love all your photos! Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful weekend, My Friend! XX

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