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19 January 2019


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Thanks, Joan and I couldn't agree with you more. I've learned so much on my travels and had some amazing food. My favorite foods were in.... India and Italy!


Thanks, Celeste :-)


Thanks, Marilyn. Glad we were able to connect and your package will be in the mail tomorrow!


Thanks, Ruth Ann. It really was fun reading the destinations - and the reasons why people chose them. So glad you enjoyed it, too


Thanks, Pam. Really good questions! Most of the visits I've done have been vacations. On a couple of occasions I was able to extend a business trip to include some sightseeing, but rarely. My first visit to Rome and my second visit to the US were two of those occasions. How did I end up in the US? Because of Lou :-)
And yes.... I am so pleased I was able to fulfill those childhood dreams, too


Now I'm blushing :-) Thanks, LeAnne. It really was fun to read where everyone wanted to visit


It was so interesting to read everyone's comments and places they want to visit. Loved learning more about your own journeys Jaydee. There is so much to learn and enjoy when you experience a language, culture and way of life different from your own. Not to mention all the good food to try! Congratulations to Marilyn-may you always have your dreams of Ireland, even if unable to travel there.

Celeste Goff

This card is just too stinking cute! I love the fun little farm scene you've created in the snow!

Marilyn Wuttke

Hi Jaydee. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks you so much for offering blog candy and more so for choosing me as your winner. I tried emailing you and it came back as unable to be delivered. Would you email me with your email address and I'll send you the information you need. Thanks a bunch.

Ruth Ann Vincent

Thank you to everyone. I enjoyed the short visions of the different locations.
You trip log was beautiful Jaydee and I understand your decisions for your ashes.
Marilyn congratulation and I am sure you will enjoy your gift.
What a fun and educational, idea you had Jaydee. Thanks, Ruth Ann

Pam Carter

Jaydee, enjoyed reading about all your adventures. Were they all vacations? Were you working in any of those places? How did you end up in the USA? Your seems very interesting and I'm happy for you that you were able to full your child hood dreams.


Jaydee, even though I didn't win (congrats to Marilyn), it was interesting to read your responses to everyone's travel dreams! You are a treasure!

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