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10 June 2019


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I was commenting on your last card for ATCAS when I read you had hand surgery, Jaydee, so I had to back up blog posts to find out what happened. You really did a number on yourself and I'm so sorry for the pain and inconvenience you have been going through. Prayers for a quick healing and recovery of the use of your hand.

Linda Callahan

Hard to go back and read through this......that was an awful fall! And wow your card was prophetic! Glad you are on the mend!

Stef Perry

Oh, Jaydee I am so sorry about your accident and resulting injuries! How awful! I'd been missing your pretty cards on The Paper Players blog and then today Joanne explained you'd had a nasty fall. After reading your post, I'd say her description is indeed apt! Take care, and I hope you heal quickly!


I bet you really, really, really don't like that piece of granite in the kitchen now. Speedy healing and best wishes for a complete recovery. Your card is perfect for so many occasions and there are so many days we could all use a good laugh. Take care.


Wishing you healing without complications and hope you can take this "down time" for rest and rejuvenation! Having tried to use a translator at work, I know these computers don't always hear us correctly, not to mention be able to translate idioms, etc. Have missed you but I'm glad to know you will be back!

Colleen Begley

Hi Jaydee, I just saw your post and wanted to send you cyber hugs and get well wishes. I know what it's like to have an arm out of commission for several weeks. In 2010 I shattered my right elbow (I'm right-handed) and it was very difficult for several weeks. So, hang in there. It will get better. XOXO
Cute card and great bird photo.

Jeanne H

I am so sorry you were hurt, Jaydee. Best wishes for complete healing without much more pain. Gosh, of course you can't make cards, but I'll look forward to them in the future. Love your garden and bird pictures so do hope you can show them sometime. Take good care. Love ya!

Doris D.

Oh my goodness. So glad it wasn't worse with that granite. Did you get the granite you wanted. Tee Hee!
Now take time for yourself and heal. We can wait on the posts.

Sally Davis

Please do not worry about your blog at this point. Your focus should be on your healing and getting better each day. We will be here when you return and look forward to that.

Kelly W.

That is quite a story Jaydee and I’m so sorry to hear about your broken bones! I’m thankful it wasn’t worse with slabs of granite surrounding you.
You were in my thoughts the past week or so when I was telling my best friend about your pretty home and how you change your curtains and pillows and such for the new season. She had just changed hers to a light color and didn’t know what to do with her dark ones. I suggested she do the same as you! 😉
Hoping you enjoy your beautiful birds and “modified” photo taking for summer. As challenging as this is, it gives you a chance to try something new or concentrate fully on another hobby. You will be healed and ready to go before you know it! Praying for continued healing and patience through your therapy. Take care of you!!

Evelyn B

Good grief girl! What a time you've had! Here's wishing you a speedy recover - no matter what, I know it will seem like a long time. Wishing you the best and hopefully you won't hurt yourself somewhere else. Take care!!


Oh my goodness, I knew your hand was damaged, but I didn't realize your foot was too! I hope everything heals properly and quickly!! And the tanager is beautiful! I see you have a jelly feeder...I need to invest in one of those!

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