Memorial Day 2019

Coffee time

Hi everyone.  Happy Monday.

It's been a while since my last blog post and I wanted to give you an update on what is happening and why it has been so quiet around here for the last couple of weeks.

The last card I made is the one that I'm sharing with you tonight and when I made the card it was intended for a work colleague who was having a very bad week and kept saying "I don't have enough coffee to cope with today".  A few months ago I bought a Casual Friday stamp set with some prize money that I had from a challenge site win and the stamps seemed perfect for a card for my colleague.  What I hadn't realized at the time was that this was going to be a prophetic card!  But before we get to that story let me share with you the card that I made for her.

Hot coffee (1 of 1)

She really appreciated the sentiment and found it even funnier when I told her the story that came after me sending her this card. 

A couple of weeks ago  I decided to visit a granite  supply store as I really want to change out one of the pieces of granite in the kitchen.  I haven't liked that piece of granite where the sink is since the day we moved in and every day when I clean it I tell myself how much I don't like this piece of granite.  So, after seven years, I decided it was maybe time to change it out. 

We went off to visit the supply store and were looking at a piece of granite when the owner of the store suggested I look at an alternative.  what I didn't see was the support holding up the granite off the floor.  It's a piece of wood maybe  a 2 x 2 - let's just say it was small enough that I didn't notice it but it was big enough for me to fall over and cause major damage.

I fell into the raw side of the slab of granite and my left hand took the brunt of that fall.  I did scratch, graze and bruise my arm as well as hit my shoulder and my head.  It was only a couple of minutes before my ring finger had swollen so badly that I could not remove my wedding rings.  What I also didn't realize is how much my foot hurt, because I was too focused on my hand.

I ended up at the emergency clinic where the doctor was about to call the fire brigade to remove my wedding rings as my circulation was being cut off due to the swelling of my finger.  Luckily the nurse was able to remove the rings with the special implement but it did take a good five minutes for her to do that.  They then took x-rays of my hand and discovered that the bone in my ring finger had splintered into four pieces and it was not connected to either of the knucklebones. 

They patched me up as best they could and made an appointment for me the next day with the orthopedic surgeon.  When I met with him he told me that I had to have immediate surgery to correct the injury as the finger was starting to shrink quite dramatically and they needed to get the bone back together as quickly as possible.  It was then that I asked him to also have a look at my foot as that had gone black and blue and was  now also sore.  That's when we discovered that I had broken bones in the foot too!

Consequently I am now in two casts and have several pins in the ring finger! and even though I am right handed I am pretty ambidextrous and use my left hand for a lot of activities so I'm finding it very difficult to do things.  At first I thought it was just card making that would be interrupted and that I would be able to at least color.  But the cast means that I can't even sharpen my pencils and I don't want to use an electric sharpener ,so I am not getting a lot of coloring done either!!!

I'll be in the cast on my hand for another two weeks and then they are planning to remove the pins from the finger.  According to the orthopedic surgeon I will be placed in another cost when they take the pins out to help  the open sore heal and to give the bone more time to recover.  After that I will be in therapy for about 8 to 12 weeks.  Luckily my foot was not as complicated and it just means that I will be inconvenienced for about eight weeks.  But the left side of me is a little messed up!!  Luckily all the bruises scrapes and grazes have now healed.

So now you know the story I think you'll understand why this card that I made for my friend ended up being so prophetic because I truly don't have enough middle fingers for today :-)

It's very difficult for me to type with one hand especially as I have to type a lot during the day so I have resorted to a speech to text software to try to help get things done faster.  However it isn't that good at interpreting my accent and I end up with some interesting translations in the documents or emails that I have sent, much to the amusement of my colleagues!  Even with the speech to text software, I've had to go back again and again to fix the trnslation issues and it's taken me 30 minutes just to get this far!

What this means is that I won't be making cards for a little while and will not have anything to share with you.  However I will pop in and share some photographs with you of some of the returned visitors to our feeders.  Tonight I'll share a photo of a visitor who stayed around for about three days and that's the longest we've ever had one of these birds stay with us.  They really are gorgeous and the splash of red in the green trees is a beautiful sight to see

Tanager (1 of 1)

Isn't he beautiful?  Tanager's I'm not that common around here and we were thrilled when he stopped to stock food.  It's tough taking photos with one hand but I will continue to try to take some to share with you.

Now that you know the story I hope you will forgive me for being quiet on my blog but know that I truly appreciate all of you and your support.

Have a fabulous week and hugs and prayers for those of you who need a lift tonight.