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Express Yourself - Freshly Made Sketches #397

Hi Everyone.  Happy Sunday night.

I have a card for you tonight - and the winner of the-mystery-white-blob photo blog candy!

Firstly, let's start with the sketch.  The thing about the ladies at FMS is they have fabulous sketches and some of them really do challenge - and that's why I like doing them :-)  This sketch had me scratching my head (with my one good hand!!), but I was determined to do something with it.

I really did spend quite a while going through my stash trying to work out this sketch.  I even made 3 thrown away attempts and then.. bingo!  I brought out an old FunStampersJourney set that I just can't seem to get rid of.

For the vertical element on the bottom left -  I used the quote stamp from the set:

Quote (1 of 1)

Such a great sentiment!  For the vertical upper right, I used two of the paint brushes from the set.  I stamped them both onto the card base and then stamped one of them again onto a piece of scrap card stock.  I very carefully fussy cut it... it was tough I can tell you... but I persevered..... and I adhered it over the top of one of the brushes and through the palette, which I had also fussy cut.  I popped the palette up at the top with a foam dot.

So, I had both vertical elements and one of the three elements.  I needed another two.  I stamped a paint tube and colored that and then popped it below the palette.  The third element was the sentiment itself.  I had fun with my glittery markers that my Bestie, Pam, sent me for my birthday.  I added paint to the palette and then "wet" the center of the paint with the glitter pen.

Glitter closeup (1 of 1)

I remembered to add some to the tips of the paint brushes, too  Wish my hand had been working better - it was tough fussy cutting all this out - especially the hole in the palette!

Anyway, here's my full card:

Express Yourself (1 of 1)-2

I used my kuretake real brush markers for the coloring and love the striated effect they created on the palette.  For the paint tube, I added some squiggles to somewhat resemble a logo and then covered over the label with more glitter pen!

I had such fun playing with this sketch and am so pleased that I didn't give up.  I was really happy with the way it turned out in the end.

On a personal note.

OK... the weather went from 110 on Friday to 61 on Saturday and I was wearing a jersey!!!!  It was a great time to visit the paint store (now that's a whole other story!!!) and also spend time in my crafting room.

I also managed to get a somewhat decent shot of our mystery visitor - the white blob.  He was on the crab apple tree that we have just planted, munching away at the just-ripened berries and refused to turn around. Even when I went onto the deck to photograph him, he didn't turn around, he just continued to munch.

So, our mystery white visitor obviously climbs trees, so definitely not a deer, a cougar, could have been a pheasant, was too big to be a fairy, a frog, an owl or a bunny.... although they were all great guesses :-)  No-one guessed right.  BUT... guessing correctly wasn't a prerequisite for winning blog candy :-)

I put the numbers of those who guessed into a random generator - starting with Jeanne at #1 who was the first to make a guess.... the generator came up with:

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 7.07.12 PM

So, that makes this our winner

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 7.09.27 PM

Terri, please send me your physical address and I will send you your little parcel!

Thanks to all of you who played along.  I will be holding another blog candy next month, to celebrate Lou's birthday :-)  So, I will have to come up with something else for you to guess at.

Oh, I guess you'd like to see the visitor?  The white blob is actually:

White squirrel (1 of 1)

Yep, a white squirrel.  We haven't managed to check whether he is an albino or leucistic.  Whichever he is, he's welcome in our neck of the woods.  Lou and I were visiting a community in North Carolina and there were a couple of white squirrels there.  It was considered to be a very lucky day if you saw one of the white squirrels, so we are going with the theme that it's lucky to have him/her here!

I'll be back tomorrow with another card.  Yep... another one :-)  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.  And continued thanks to all of you who are sending me healing thoughts, prayers and messages