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Make Art for Casethissketch

Hi Everyone.  Happy New Year!


I made the card for today's post for the sketch across at casethissketch

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 11.31.02 AM

I also made this card to send to myself - but more about that later :-)  I began with a layer of Neenah Solar White #110 for the base and another for the top layer.  I stamped the elements and colored them with my luminance pencils.  Last thing I did was add a little shimmer and shine using some gel pens I got from my bestie last Christmas.  Here's a closeup:

Make Art Closeup (1 of 1)

The stamps are from a very old Fun Stamper's Journey set called Express Yourself.  It's one of those sets that will be with me for as long as I am making cards.  I regularly cycle out my stamps, but this one has survived every recycling effort :-)

Here's my take on the sketch:

Make Art 2 (1 of 1)

On a personal note:

So, why am I sending this card to myself?  Good question!  Bare with me for a few minutes and I'll tell you why. :-)  I don't think Lou and I are unique when I say that 2019 was a stressful year.  So many things happened that I found myself less and less inclined to get into my craft room.  In fact, if it hadn't been for my Design Team commitments and having to make cards for that reason, I doubt that I would have gotten into my craft room at all.  Life just seemed to take over.  Crafting for me is a great stress reliever, so it's strange that in a year where I needed some serious stress relief, I found it so hard to do it. My hand injury certainly played a big part in not being able to make cards - heck, I couldn't even sharpen a pencil for nearly 3 months!  There were other things, too.  Two cats gravely ill - only one survived.  Lou's Mom's decline and eventual passing.  Lou's insane travel schedule.  14-hour work days and 3 different job roles and just as many managers in a 9 month period for me.  A 3 month health scare with "abnormal cells" that were finally pronounced pre-cancerous and not cancerous on Christmas Eve.  Plus a host of other things... really didn't make me feel creative.

On our vacation I took my colored pencils and a book on how to draw botanical illustrations.  Drawing is something I have wanted to do my whole life, but have always been pretty bad at it.  My brother and my besties were always the creative ones.  As a kid I would take a sketch book and a pencil with me and try to replicate things around me.  I'd show my Mom and she would say a kind word and then suggest that I do something else :-)  She was right.  I was much better at writing short stories, or poetry, or sports.  Sketching, as much as I wanted it to be, was certainly not my strength. So, 55 years ago, I gave it up!  On our October cruise, I played around a little with drawing whimsical flowers.  Mmmmm..... not that good!  On our Christmas cruise,  I decided I was going to make a concerted effort to spend time practicing.  We would find a quiet corner on the ship and I would sit and sketch and then color.  It took me a whole day to draw and color a calla lily.  A whole day! But I loved every single minute of it and found myself completely engrossed in the process of it.  It was then that I decided that I had to do something creative every day.  Whether it's sketching, coloring, writing, or making a card.  It's an essential part of my stress relief and even though I will never be great at drawing, practice will make me better!

So... there you have it.  I am sending this card to myself so that, in a few days, it will arrive and remind me to be creative... here's what's written on the inside:

Make Art Inside (1 of 1)

If, like me, you have felt less inclined to do something that brings you relaxation and stress relief, I hope that you will be able to get back to it this year and spend time doing the things that you love, with those you love.

I'd also like to share a little of my crafting with each of you.  If you would like to receive a card from me, just send me an email with your address and the occasion - and date.  Whether you are celebrating a birthday, aren't feeling well, in need of a little cheer, celebrating the arrival of a new baby or pet, celebrating an anniversary.... whatever the reason, just let me know and I'd love to send you a card.  Having a reason to send you a card, also makes sure that I keep my promise to myself :-)

I'll be back tomorrow with another card.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.



Card recipe:

  • Stamps:  Images - Express Yourself - FSJ.  Sentiment: Crafty Friends, Altenew
  • Inks:  Ink on 3 - Black.  Luminance Pencils.  Gel Pens
  • Card stock:  Neenah Solar White #110