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01 August 2020


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Joan, so glad the link was useful for you. I don't use it often but it really does work pretty well. you just have to find the right places to hide it :-)


Love the vellum for the bottle and glass. Clear foam tape?? I've often wanted a clear version but didn't know it existed. Thanks for the link. This is a great masculine card, my brother's favorite drink is an old fashioned.


Marina, so jealous of your butterfly sightings. We saw a new one for us yesterday but, by the time I had gotten my camera, he had fluttered off and he didn't come back!


Colleen, glad you enjoyed the bird bloopers. I really wish they would stay where I ask them :-)


Mary, it really does work well on vellum. I like the opaque as it helps hide the tape a little better. :-) Here's the link to the one that I use https://www.amazon.com/KOOL-TAK-Clear-16-Inch-1-6-Yard/dp/B0080E8334/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=kool+tak&qid=1596378525&sr=8-3

There are other versions, including one kooltak which comes in little squares, but I haven't tried those. Don't forget to share a photo/link when you have created your card. We'd love to see it


Jaycee, where does one get the clear foam tape? I love the idea of the whiskey on vellum and as soon as my stamp set arrives i’m going to try it!


Great looking whiskey card. I'm sure your friend will enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing your birdie pictures.
Have an enjoyable day

Marina . . . from far Africa!!!

The birds are also learning the lesson about social distancing. Yesterday I thought so much about you . . . I saw four beautiful butterflies . . . quite big!! . . . but I do not know their names. Have a great day!!

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