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08 May 2022


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Anne Marie Hile

So beautiful, Jaydee! Sending you all the best wishes to get those boxes unpacked, too. Moving is never fun in the process and I hope you get settled soon, my friend!

LeAnne Pugliese

That move seemed quick to me...you guys are way more organized than I would be! I look forward to seeing your new nature photos too! Anyway, good luck! And your card is gorgeous, I think you used just enough Night of Navy!!!

Joanne James

Your daisy bouquet is so pretty Jaydee - I'm impressed you managed to stamp at all amidst the house move! I love navy - but in terms of overall balance, when I'm working with colours I find there's always one in a trio that takes a back seat so maybe this is yours! I like the look of your new view - I'm sure it will provide some wildlife viewing opportunities. Good luck on persuading Lou to switch rooms too!


I love all your cards but your floral ones are my favorites. Hope you find room for everything soon and can relax and enjoy your new home. Although it's not the wetlands, it looks like a great view and I'm looking forward to more bird pictures. Once you find your camera!

Jeanne H

Hi! Good to see your post, though I expect you won't be doing much crafting for a while. Best wishes for the room swap...on your side. :-) Also best wishes for the coming weeks with all that is going on and with all those boxes. Hugs

Cindy Beach

Jaydee, your card is so pretty! I love the soft lilac daisies and the pretty stencil background. The big bow is fabulous! I love seeing your photos and hearing about your move. Sending hugs!


Hi Jaydee,
I have been out of commission following knee replacement surgery.
So please catch me up on this move.
It seems you just moved in your. New home but,’time passes so,quick.
Where did you move and what is your new place like.
Remembering when we guessed about the color of your new chair.
Be happy and blessed wherever you go.
Love, Georgi

Laurie Schmidt

Your blooms are beautiful, I thought the colors this week were awesome for florals so I went that way also.

I love hearing about your move an how it is going. We are so anxious to get going on ours but everything keeps getting delayed. Have fun unpacking...if you are like me you forget whats all in the boxes and its like Christmas opening them..lol Your view is beautiful!

Jennie Maier

Jaydee, your card is really pretty! I love that bouquet! Kudos to you to get one done while moving! We just moved a couple of years ago from our house of 22 years so I feel your pain. Just take it easy and don't fret, it will all come together. Your new view looks great too! Have a great week!

Kris Markham

Jaydee, enjoy your new home. Your views will be great. I'm sure the cats will use their climber lots.

Your card is really cute. It is always fun to look at the cards your group posts.

Have a great week and enjoy your new home but rest.

Gerri K

Beautiful card! Wishing you luck with your new home. I'm sure you'll make it beautiful as you did your previous home.

Doris D.

Your card is so beautiful with just a touch of Night of Navy. So glad you were able to move and now the fun begins....tackling all those boxes, one at a time. Hope you can find your camera as that is the important thing at the moment!! I know you will have everything in tip top shape soon and can enjoy your new surroundings. Your view will be so pretty starting soon and I know you will enjoy the walking trail and the view of the water. So happy for you and Lou.

Christy Stanford

I know it seems like it's taking forever to get moved and settled in, but you're getting there! Just remember to take breaks when you need to. I know my brain sometimes stops working after a while if I try to unpack everything all at once. You made a beautiful bouquet for the Paper Players challenge today and that little bit of Night of Navy for the sentiment looks great!

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