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Happy Sunday.

It's the fabulous Ann's turn to host our Paper Players challenge this week and it's theme week.  It's also clean and simple week.  I looked through my old stamp sets deciding I needed to give them some love and remembered a set that Lou bought me a few years ago down in Australia.  It's from a company called Paper Rose and the name of the stamp is Thanks a Bunch.  One of the reasons I love this set is that it features a plant that is native to South Africa and is a close relative to a group of plants - Proteacea - that are native to Australia.  The protea is front and center in this set and I wanted to celebrate that.  So, thank you Ann for giving me an excuse to give this set some love.  Here's a sneak peek:

Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 9.22.02 PM
Here's Ann's challenge:

I began by stamping the image onto my normal Neenah Solar White, but after spending a few minutes trying to get the right effect from the coloring, I realized I had to create this on Express-It paper.  It was the only way I would be able to add as much ink as I knew I would need, and not have it bleed everywhere.  I haven't colored for ages and I must admit, I got so into it that I got lost for a couple of hours!  It was so relaxing just focusing on the minutae of the stamp and letting everythiing else just melt away.  I wasn't thinking about packing boxes and all the other tasks I had to do, just how I was going to do this set justice.

This set also features Kangaroo Paw, Beechnut and Eucalyptus. Such fun elements to color!   I googled each of the florals so that I could be inspired and it really helped.  Once I had finished coloring  I die-cut the image 4 times.  Once to cut out the bouquet and 3 more usiing blank card stock.  I wanted to give the image a little space from the base of the card.  I added the little bow and the sentiment.  

Here's my card:


I hope you will join us and play along with Ann's challenge.  We can't wait to see what YOU create.  As always, the design team have some fabulous inspiration for you:

On a personal note:

Well, thank you to all of you who wished us well for our move - I really appreciated each and every one of those wishes.   We moved on Thursday and are frantically trying to get everything sorted at the new apartment, and closed out at the old apartment!

Moving day was quite the experience.  The movers were due at 10am.  at 10.00 it started to bucket it down with rain.  Not so much a problem aat the new apartment as we were unloading in the parking garage, but more so at the old one, where there was no covered parking for the moving truck!  10am came and went - the movers were running late.  They finally arrived at around 12.30 (well one of the guys did!).  He valiantly started wrapping and cover all the furniture trying to get ready for when his colleagues arrived. 

Then the new apartment management called us to tell us the lifts were down.  Which, considering we are on the 14th floor, was a bit of a problem!  By the time we arrived at the new apartment 2 of three lifts were working.  They locked one of them down for us so that it was for our sole use.  Mmmmm..... it was now rush hour for those returning home at the apartment block - and there was only 1 lift servicing 14 floors.  By the time it was all said and done, and the movers had left it was 7.30 p.m.   We were over 5 hours late and I felt so sorry for the moving guys.  They had done a job before us and were now into their 13th hour of moving furniture!  For us, we had about 3 hours sleep the night before (on the couches I might add as we had to dismantle the bed and the mechanics of our sleep number mattress) and were exhausted.

When we had settled in and closed the door, the first thing we tried to do was set up our accounts on the new wi-fi system.  Ooops..... the router in our apartment wasn't working and it was way too late for the apartment management to get the provider involved.  So... no internet.

Lou went out to get a few provisions and I asked him to buy some beer.  For some reason, and I have absolutely no idea why, I felt like a beer.  Lou got back, plonked the bottles on the table and looked at me with a big grin - kinda like a dog does when it brings you the bone it just found and wants to offer to you.    Mmmmm... nice one, Lou.  why didn't you buy beer in cans.  Well, you can drink from the bottle, he says.   Well..... I could - but I ccan't get the tops off as the bottle opener is in one of the 80 or so boxes sitting iin the second bedroom waiting to be unpacked.  Consequently, we had dinner sans beer :-)

It was much too late to tackle trying to put the bed together, so another night on the couches!  Friday came and all I wanted to do was start unpacking and trying to find places for things to go.  We made a pretty good dent into the boxes, but it got so late and only then we realized that we hadn't put the bed together.   So, night 3 on the couches :-)

After two hours today, the bed was up and ready and the mechanics all working.  Next problem... where was the bedding!!!  I know I had marked the box "bedding" to make it easy to find.  I searched all the remainiing boxes in the second bedroom.  Nothing.  Lou looked - nothing!  after an hour of hunting, I found that Lou had picked up the box and put it in the master closet - and neither of us had looked there.  So, I am going to finish writing this blog post, take a shower, brush my teeth and go lie in a bed!

It's going to be several days before my craft room is assembled - but as soon as it is, I will be crafting.  I can't wait to do some crafting in a space with so much sunlight!  I'll be back as soon as I can.  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.



Card recipe:

  • Stamps - Thanks a Bunch - Paper Rose Studio


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Anne Marie Hile

Jaydee, your card is absolutely stunning and as always, your shading is amazing! Wow, what a moving story! I have to admit, by the time I got to the lack of the bottle opener, I was giggling because I can only imagine how "over it" you were at that point. Moving is always an adventure and never really in a fun way. But after all of the boxes are unpacked and you are settled in, hopefully you and Lou will have a few good laughs about it. Thinking of you and hope unpacking is going well. Big hugs!

Claire Broadwater

Jaydee, I have so much to say! LOL! First though, this card!!!!!!! OH MY WORD!!!! It is gorgeous! I love every detail in this beauty!!!! Your coloring is amazing and I am so happy you enjoyed coloring. I love it, too! It is relaxing and so rewarding. Love, Love, Love this gorgeous bloom!
Now, on to the move. HOLY COW! What a day it must have been! I am so thankful you are in your new home and I am certain you will have it all perfect in a few days! SO happy for you and Lou! ENJOY!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

Tara Carpenter

Gorgeous flowers! I love all the color variation! Thanks for sharing

LeAnne Pugliese

Beautiful card, beautifully colored! I am amazed you got these done before the move---such a traumatic experience and you weathered it beautifully! I don't mind sleeping on couches but hubby would need a chair, LOL! Glad things are getting back to "normal"!

Fran Wing

WOW, Jaydee! Your card is beautiful and your story is remarkable! It makes me tired to even think about moving and you seem to have weathered it all with much grace!
Xoxo, Fran

Joanne James

I enjoyed reading about the flowers on your card today Jaydee - which is coloured beautifully too ( I love the use of the blue too make it standout too). As for the move - you brave soul! 3 nights on the couch and not even a beer too ear the pain! Hope this week has seen you more rested and well into box unpacking too. I think as soon as you're back in your craft stash a little more therapeutic colouring should be in order!


Jaydee, your card looks as if it is a print, not a stamped card. The coloring, oh that coloring is exquisite! I am in awe of your talent. And the story of the the flower was interesting.
All I can add about your moving experience is the memories that you are making, good or bad. These are stories to talk about later. We had moved from Ill. to MI. Our car had four children, a dog, a cat and a cage of gerbils. The moving van had our second vehicle and arrived three days later. We had to sleep on the floor. Like I said, memories. Best wishes in your new place.

Christy Stanford

Sorry the move was so tough this time around, Jaydee! As a military wife, I have been there, done that so many times over the last twenty years and no matter what,it's a hassle. Hope you get unpacked quickly and enjoy your new crafty space!

Hannelie Bester

Pulling on my heart strings with your protea card Jaydee ! Makes me miss home so much.
These days proteas are available here in the UAE as cut flowers. Very expensive though ;)
Your card is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing ♥

Ann Schach

Oh, Jaydee! Your card is breathtaking! The story behind the stamp is so interesting. The coloring is exquisite. What a "moving experience" you have had! I'm glad it's behind you, except for the unpacking. Thank you for creating such a wonderful card for my challenge. Have a wonderful week!

Kris Markham

Jaydee, I can't believe you have moved twice in just a few months. I walk in my craft room and say no way am I moving this again. The supplies have grown so much. Enjoy your new home. How much snow do you have "up north"? I don't miss the freezing weather in Minnesota. Have a great week.

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