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Things I love about Cape Town - The Mountain - and a little blog candy

Happy Tuesday and greetings from somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

This weekend we were lucky enough to visit one of my all time favorite cities - Cape Town.  When people ask me what is your favorite city of all the ones you have visited, Cape Town is generally at the top of the list.  Yeah Sydney is beautiful - but it's the opera house that makes it so iconic.  San Francisco is beautiful, but it's generally the bridge that makes it so iconic.  London is fabulous for all that it has to offer.  Paris is great .... but... all of them get beaten out by Cape Town.  Cape Town has just the most gorgeous backdrop.  The famous Table Mountain dominates and, regardless of the weather, it is always beautiful.

Even though I have been to Cape Town on many occasions, I was thrilled when I found out that this cruise would be visiting.  Well, we get to visit it again now that the middle east portion of our cruise has been re-routed and we cannot transit the Suez Canal.  But, I am never unhappy about visiting Cape Town!

This visit I got to do something that I have never done on any of the trips - go out the Cable Car.  Ok... so, full discolosure, I hate heights!  Yep... just don't like them.  Consequently, I have avoided it on all other occasions.  However, the older I get the more I have decided it's about time I put on my big girl panties and get overmyself!  So, up the Mountain was the first thing on the bucket list.  And, I am so glad I did!

A little about the cable car:

  • the first cable car was opened in 1929 and went through a throrough renovation in 1997.
  • the upper cable station is 3501 feet above sea level
  • the last vertical climb is.... 2510 feet - and trust me - you feel that vertical climb!
  • one thing I didn't know when I got on... the floor rotates 360 degrees so that everyone has a view.  Look, it's bad enough having vertigo - but adding motion that that really makes it far worse, trust me :-)  And, you can't hang onto the railings on the side of the cable car - unless you are Olive Oil and your arms stretch!  and the reason you can't is because you move along with the floor!
  • over 1 million people a year travel on the Cable Car and the ride takes approximately 5 minuts
  • for those who are up to it, you can hike to the top and down again!
  • on a clear day you can see all the way to Robben Island, table bay and the Atlantic Seaboard to the west and south
  • riding is weather dependent - luckily for us, the morning was glorious - those going in the afternoon were not so lucky, as the famous cloth was over the table!

So... here's our first look from the bottom


I was really happy to see the sun was shining and the sky was clear.  There was an early morning mist over much of the valley - but up there it was glorious.

At this point you really aren't aware of how steep it is - you are just wowed by the view.  As the floor was turning I managed to capture this shot of Lion's Head.


Then we turned a little and I looked down.... if you look at the cable rails - you can see just how steep it was:


But.... getting to the top was so worth it!  The view of Table Bay and the valley was almost there.... but a lot of it was obscured by the mist.  The city certainly has expanded a lot since I was last here!


One of the things I love about Table Mountain - other than the view - is the amazing flora.  Sadly, the best viewing times for flora are in winter, after the rainy season.  But there was still enough to catch my eye.

The plants on Table Mountain contain species that go back 60 million years.  Many of the plants on Table Mountain are critically endangered and found nowhere else on earth.  I was amazed by how the flora hangs on to every crevice it can find.




As well as lizards, snakes, etc. you also get the Rock Hyrax, more commonly known locally as a Dassie.  They are delightful creatures and, although I have seen them many, many times, I didn't see a single one on our trip up the mountain.  So, I had to borrow a photo to show you these darling little mammals.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 8.44.40 AMphoto:

Aren't they just gorgeous????  How they live on the edge of rocky outcrops with these pudgy little legs never ceases to amaze me.

 For those of you who have made it this far....... so up for a little blog candy???

All you need to do is answer this question - preferably without cheating and using google :-)  But hey, right or wrong, you will be eligible for the candy.

To which creature is the Rock Hyrax mostly closely related?????    I'll take right answers, wrong answers and funny answers!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be eligible to win a fabulous sentiment set - brand new - from Pink Fresh Studio.

OK... so where was I.... oh yes... table mountain!  Thought I would share one last photo with you - I took this on the trip down!!!!  Here you can really see just how steep that 2501 feet ascent/descent is!


Sadly, I didn't manage to get a  photo of the table with the cloth - so I had to borrow one.  Why am I showing you this?  Because, the cloth coming over the table is one of my all time favorite sights... It's just amazing to see it hover a little at the top and then finally come all the way over!

One of the best photos I could find was on Freepik - what a great shot!

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.07.07 AMPhoto Freepik

Well, that's enough about the mountain.  Hopefully you can get a little glimpse into why I love it so much.  the mountain dominates from both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean sides and it is spectacular.  Here are some final facts:

  • It is one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world
  • The table is approximately 240 million years old is home to nearly 1500 floral species.  By contrast the alps are 40 million years old!  It's also older than the andes and the himalayas.
  • Rocks on the mountain are 600,000,000 years old making Table Mountain one of the oldest mountains in the world
  • There are himalayan mountain goats on the mountain - descendants of some escapees from the zoo!
  • It forms part of the Cape Fold Belt that stretches 850km

I'll be back tomorrow with some more information on my trip to Cape Town - including a visit to one of the funnest restaurants I've visited in years!  In the meantime, warm hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight




Oh... and here's the blog candy on offer!!!!

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.20.32 AM



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Karen Lang

I think the little animal resembles the marmots that we see in Rocky Mountain Park. Just my best guess!
I am really enjoying your pics & info along your trip.......something I won't be able to do in my lifetime. Almost feel like I am there with you. Enjoy your trip.

Ann Schach

What a great post! I absolutely love the hyrax. It always got a shout out from me when I was teaching. I have friends in the medical field who visit and volunteer the services in Cape Town. They absolutely LOVE it. I can't wait to hear about your next adventure!


Spectacular photos, even the ones you "borrowed." Would love to go up Table Mountain in the cable car until you mentioned that the floor turned. My vertigo would completely shut me down and no amount of pulling up my big girl panties would help! The info you shared about the mountain is fascinating and I definitely need to learn more about it.
The rock hyrax remind me of the marmots and much smaller pikas that live in the Rockies. My first guess that it was related to rodents, like the marmots, would probably be too easy. It will be interesting to find out the answer.

Sally Davis

I think the animal could resemble the ground hog.
I am so glad you decided to take the ride up the cable car. The views and your photos are spectacular. I am so glad that I got to see them. Thank you for sharing.

Marina . . . . . . from far Africa

Hi Jaydee!!! Your trip is wonderful!!! Wished I were a Dasssie . . . beautiful animal!! I learn so much from your postings . . . thanks a lot. The blog candy is lovely. Wish luck to everybody but to be honest . . . . a little more to me. Keep enjoying your trip.


From a body type perspective, the rock hyrax is a close relative of me! Little legs, pudgy body, but very sweet ….

Enjoying your vacation adventures!

Ida P. Krause

Wow those were amazing photos. Glad you put on your big girl panties and went up! That little animals is adorable. It reminds me of a beaver (which is probably wrong) but that's my answer.

Patti Skiba

It looks like a huge guinea pig!!! So I would say its related to A Guinea pig!
Enjoying your photos

Joanne James - The Crafty Owl

Wow so glad you braved the cable car - that view is so worth it! As for the little creature - I have absolutely no idea! I wondered maybe a groundhog, or a beaver? Looking forward to finding out! Enjoy the next leg!

Jeanne H

I'm not getting notice that you have posted, so just saw the one where you went up on that cable car. Good for you! Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing them. Hugs!!

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