Hi Everyone. Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all having a great week. At the end of last year I promised myself that I would start to use all of the mixed media materials that I had purchased in the hope that I was going to - somehow - become an expert at mixed media! Couple of problems with that: I hate getting my hands dirty I hate getting anything sticky on my hands (including cake mixture) I'm constantly washing paint palettes, brushes - and my hands - and it gets exhausting going backwards and forwards to the sink every... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Friday. As some of you were very kind and encouraging about my first art journal page, I decided to share my second one with you. This was another page that was a labor of love for me and on where I learned how little I know about different mediums and how they should be used! In fact, it was this page that made me sign up for some classes so that I could push myself creatively and, more importantly, begin to learn about the different art mediums :-) This page all began with some DSP. Can you... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Sunday. I have something completely different for you tonight. A little while ago I spoke about my urge to do some "art journaling". I really wanted to try using my supplies in a different way. HOWEVER, "ART" isn't something that fits into my vocabulary. I am, by definition, a card maker. I love making cards. If you had asked me 7 years ago if I would be blogging and sharing cards that I had spent hours making by hand I would, absolutely, have said NO!!!! An emphatic NO! Me. Paper? Scissors? Inks? Pens? NO! NEVER! Yet, because... Read more →